Why You Need Stone Overlay Benchtop

There are plenty of ways to upgrade your kitchen to achieve aesthetics and functionality. And using a stone overlay benchtop is one of the most accessible and practical options to add more personality to your kitchen.

But is a stone overlay bench worth your money? Let us give you more reasons to choose benchtop overlay. Read on and learn.

What Is a Benchtop Overlay?

A benchtop overlay is a thin layer of an engineered or natural stone laid on top of a kitchen countertop to bring out the beauty of the surface. Thus, homeowners can use a stone overlay to bring out a new and more beautiful counter instead of renovating the existing benchtop.

Reasons to Use a Stone Overlay Benchtop

You probably wanted to keep your worn-out kitchen benchtop and are looking for ways to alleviate the need for renovation. Fortunately, the stone overlay can solve your dilemma. Apart from that, we have listed below the other significant reasons why you should use a stone overlay.

Enhance the look of your kitchen

Your kitchen benchtop might dull the entire room because of its natural wear and tear. Thus, an upgrade is necessary to bring out the best of your kitchen once again. And a stone overlay might be the upgrade that you need.

It is more cost-efficient than renovating the whole benchtop. You can choose from a wide array of excellent materials, from natural stones to engineered ones. And you can select a colour, pattern, and design that matches and enhances your kitchen.

Affordable and easy to install

Since you will not be renovating the entire kitchen bench, you can save more money using stone overlay. You will be charged for the cost of materials and labour. But there are many natural and engineered stone suppliers offering affordable natural and engineered stones and overlay installation, such as Stone Interiors.

stone overlay benchtop

An overlay benchtop is more economical than removing the existing countertop and starting from scratch. So, you can create a more inviting space with little money to spend. All you need is a stone overlay benchtop!

Easy to maintain

Sometimes, kitchen benches are tough to maintain, and the task gets more challenging when minor damage resurfaces. But with stone overlay, you save your existing benchtop instead of renovating it using high-quality stone material. And they are easy to clean and maintain, which saves more time and effort.

You can quickly clean your stone overlay countertop using a mild cleaning agent, water, and microfiber cloth. Mix the cleaning agent with water and dip the microfiber cloth in the solution. Make sure to squeeze the wet cloth thoroughly before wiping the benchtop so the water wouldn’t seep through it. And use a dry clean cloth to wipe the countertop so it will dry properly.

Increase efficiency and functionality

The kitchen is supposed to be a busy space. And minor damage can cause a great inconvenience, especially when doing essential tasks in the room. People might get things done in other areas instead of on the kitchen benchtop because the blemishes make it uninviting.

To continue to maintain and improve efficiency and functionality in your kitchen, make sure to invest more in upgrading your benchtop. With a stone overlay, you can continue doing your everyday tasks in the kitchen without any hassle. And the space becomes more inviting and functional with the new and improved benchtop features.

Qualities of Stone Overlay Benchtop

While there are plenty of reasons why you need a benchtop overlay made of stone, it is also essential for you to know the remarkable qualities of a stone overlay to help you decide better.


There are two types of materials for stone overlays: natural stone and engineered stone. They are susceptible to scratch, and thus, they do not quickly get scratches due to food preparation, incorrect cleaning, improper kitchenware handling, and natural wear and tear.


One of the primary purposes of a benchtop overlay is to have a new and improved countertop without removing the existing one. Most stone materials are durable, and while they can break due to a sudden strong force, they are resistant to scratches, stains, and heat.

Some are also non-porous, meaning water can’t seep through the cracks and cause discolouration. So, you can quickly get any task done on the new benchtop overlay without the fear of it getting damaged.


It would be best if you didn’t worry that the benchtop overlay won’t go along with your kitchen’s interior. Whether you’ve chosen to use natural or engineered stone as the material, they have a wide array of beautiful and classy designs, patterns, and colours that will surely fit and improve your space.

Transform Your Kitchen Using Stone Overlay with Stone Interiors

Be more practical in bringing out the best of your kitchen by using a stone overlay benchtop instead of a costly countertop renovation. And get the best and most affordable materials from one of the top suppliers of natural stones and engineered stones, Stone Interiors. For more information, contact stoneinteriors1@optusnet.com.au or (03) 9357 0668 today!