Engineered Stones

Are you having a hard time deciding on the best material for your kitchen benchtop? Will it be Natural stone or Engineered stone benchtops? Well, you don’t need to worry! Our experts at Stone Interiors will guide you throughout the process, from selection to benchtop installation

engineered stone benchtops

Top Quality Engineered Stone Benchtops in Melbourne

Our engineered stone products are specially designed to last longer and make a massive difference to your kitchen. They have sleek, flawless surfaces that equal sophistication and elegance. Whether you are installing a new benchtop or updating your old ones, you can give your kitchen a style boost when you choose from our engineered stone benchtops.

The engineered stone you choose to install through your kitchen will match perfectly, regardless of what variation or colour you pick. Plus, our products are incredibly durable and can last a lifetime with little to no maintenance required.

Take a look at our wide range of engineered stones perfect for your stone kitchen benchtop:

Engineered Stone Benchtop in Melbourne

Quantum Quartz

One of the most preferred materials for your kitchen benchtops because of its characteristics.


Caesarstone Kitchen Benchtop Melbourne


Provides a contemporary but timeless finish to any home, especially complimenting those with modern décor.


YDL Stone Benchtop

YDL Stone

YDL quartz stone is the designer’s choice for luxury domestic and commercial surfaces.


Silestone Benchtop Melbourne


Among the most versatile choices for kitchen benchtops, allows you to configure your kitchen space however you want.


Lithostone Benchtop Melbourne


Lithostone, a popular option for stone kitchen benchtops, is made from natural quartz.


Neolith Porcelain Benchtop

Neolith Porcelain

The next generation of stone kitchen benchtops. It offers beauty & functionality for any interior/exterior surface.


Stone Ambassador Melbourne

Stone Ambassador

We have many variety of stone products on display & many colours to choose for your stone benchtop in Melbourne.


Stone Italiana Melbourne

Stone Italiana

Stone Italiana countertops provide the perfect solution to any surface requirement. Get the best quality Stone Italiana in Stone Interiors.


Essastone Benchtop Melbourne


Essastone is an engineered stone made from up to 95% quartz and is a cheaper alternative to natural stone.


Engineered stone kitchen benchtops


Smartstone is a popular engineered stone. These surfaces are mostly used to create benchtops in bathrooms and kitchens.


stone benchtops melbourne

RHF Stone

RHF Stone is a engineered stone product. RHF Stone is a renowned stone supplier based in Melbourne. Check our range of RHF Stone slabs.


Reliable Engineered Stone Benchtop Installations

If you like to prepare home-cooked meals, chances are you spend a fair bit of time in your kitchen every day. That’s why it makes sense to ensure your kitchen reflects your style. By upgrading your benchtops with Stone Interiors, you will invigorate your kitchen in a way that is affordable and convenient.

As the leading stonemason company in Melbourne, we make the stone benchtop installation process tremendously simple. You can benefit from the services of our professional installers who are among the finest in providing quality services to customers. You will be amazed by the difference hiring professional and experienced benchtop installers can make.

Moreover, we will provide you with detailed information about the products and services that we offer. We make it our mission to deliver uncompromised quality and impeccable performance, especially in helping you determine the most suitable engineered stone benchtop for your kitchen.

Are stone benchtops worth it?

Stone benchtops offer durability and low maintenance due to their non-porous, waterproof, and scratch-resistant properties. In contrast, laminate benchtops, while also non-porous and waterproof, may be more prone to scratches if not properly cared for.

In summary, stone benchtops are indeed worth considering for their benefits, including increased property value, longevity, and aesthetic appeal. They can elevate the overall look of your spaces while providing practical functionality.

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