Lithostone kitchen benchtops

At Stone Interiors, we have Lithostone kitchen benchtops that are ideal for stone benchtop installations. Our design ideas and patterns are perfect for creating a space that matches your lifestyle and needs.

What Is Lithostone?

Lithostone, a popular option for stone kitchen benchtops, is made from natural quartz. This material is engineered to perfection, making it a great choice for kitchen and bathroom benchtops, as well as living and commercial spaces.

Thanks to its durability and strong build, you can ensure minimal upkeep and guarantee longevity. Plus, its smooth and non-porous surface makes it appear new as always and allows it to withstand heavy wear and tear.

Here’s our wide range of patterns and colours to choose from:

Luxury Range

Premium Range

Super Range

Concreto Range

Builder’s Range

Apart from the mentioned characteristics, here are other reasons why Lithostone is a popular choice for natural stone countertops:

Smooth Polish – Lithostone is virtually non-porous, meaning it will retain its lustrous finish and ultra-smooth surface without the need for regular polishing.

Minimal Upkeep – This material requires little maintenance. To clean, simply wipe the surface with a damp cloth and soapy water.

Heat Resistant – Lithostone can tolerate exposures to hot temperatures, but make sure not to prolong direct contact with heat from pots as it can cause discoloration or thermal shock.

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Choosing a material type for your kitchen is not easy. You will have to weigh in several factors before you can make a good choice. But if you wish to free yourself of the burdens involved in the decision-making process, you can count on the experts at Stone Interiors.

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