Neolith Porcelain

Neolith Porcelain Benchtops in Melbourne

Stone Interiors offers Neolith Porcelain in Melbourne, the next generation of stone kitchen countertops. With plenty of colour and design options to choose from, it’s no wonder why it appeals to designers, architects, and contractors.

What Is Neolith Porcelain?

Neolith is a lightweight and eco-friendly material made entirely from natural and recyclable products such as crushed stone. It offers beauty and functionality for any interior or exterior surface, making the most demanding architectural and design projects easier and more beautiful.

Explore the many colour and pattern options of Neolith Porcelain Benchtop that we have for you below:

Here are more reasons you’ll want to use Neolith Porcelain for your stone kitchen benchtops:

Eco-Friendly – This material is made from natural products like silica, clays, and mineral oxides, and its colours come from natural pigments.

Stain Resistant – Unlike marble and granite, Neolith Porcelain isn’t porous, meaning it won’t stain and need not to be sealed. This saves you from the headaches caused by coffee and wine stains!

Versatile – Neolith isn’t just ideal for stone benchtop installations, it can also be used as wall claddings, floors, and cupboards because it is available in thinner formats.

Durable – The surface of Neolith Porcelain is hard, making it resistant to heat and scratches. It does not warp or buckle from heat, too!

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