Travertine Natural Stones

Travertine Benchtop in Melbourne

Fill dull surfaces in your home with these versatile and unique Travertine stone colours. Whether you want these tiles honed, polished, or even unfilled, these tiles will surely be a character statement to your home.

Is Travertine Suitable for Benchtops?

Travertine, a hard and dense limestone-like material, has been used since ancient times and remains popular in modern architecture. It’s practical and aesthetically pleasing, making it an ideal choice for kitchen benchtops. While it does have natural holes, you can retain them for decorative appeal or fill them if you prefer a smoother surface. So, if you’re after enduring quality with a touch of elegance, consider travertine for your kitchen benchtops.

You can’t go wrong with Travertine Stone.

Do you prefer elegant and warm-coloured surfaces that are heat-resistant with a non-slip surface? Then choose any of these travertine stone tiles below.

Travertine Stone Tile

This type of natural stone belongs to the marble family but has limestone properties. Travertine stone can be cut into tiles or slabs. It is commonly used for benchtops, kitchen countertops, bathroom surfaces, and flooring and cladding for outdoor surfaces.

Since it has a non-slip top surface, having surfaces that use travertine stone tiles is advantageous for outdoor flooring. So, if you are planning to have a pool or just about any other outdoor gathering area, you won’t make a mistake if you opt for travertine.

In addition, if you want a heat-resistant surface even during the warm and humid months, travertine stone tiles will feel good even if you walk barefoot.

For Your Travertine Benchtops Needs, Turn to Stone Interiors

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