Vanity Bench: Expectations vs. Reality

Everyone deserves a beautiful vanity benchtop that elevates the design and atmosphere of their vanity room. A functional and stunning countertop also radiates positive energy to the people that use it.

If you plan to build or upgrade your vanity bench, you should do thorough research before construction. Because the time, effort, and money you will be investing must get guaranteed returns. You don’t want to get unsatisfactory results and waste your resources. You should know how high you have to set your expectations.

But what are vanity benchtops in the first place? Allow us to walk you through about vanity bench and the expectations and actual outcomes after its installation. So, read on.

What is a Vanity Bench?

A vanity bench is a furniture item with a sink and mirror. Sometimes, it has built-in drawers and shelves for additional storage. It is made of high-quality materials, exceptionally engineered stones with resins and other synthetic components. However, natural stones are also perfect for a vanity bench.

Vanity Benchtop: Expectations Vs. Reality

When it comes to home construction or renovation, things may or may not go as planned, and it applies to building or upgrading your vanity bench. So, here are the typical expectations and reality that you should know about the benchtops in your vanity room.

Vanity Benchtop


It can be easy to style

You probably thought that a vanity bench is easy to style. There are many vanity countertop design ideas on the internet that you can take inspiration from. And you can go with different kinds of styles to match the whole aesthetics of the room.

You can put fresh flowers, use chic trays, invest in elegant shelves, buy pretty soaps, etc. Hanging a piece of artwork on the walls and adding lights on the mirror will also elevate the whole look of the bench and the room.

It is simple to maintain

As kitchen and bathroom benchtops, vanity countertops are also low-maintenance. There’s no need for daily cleaning. And, you don’t have to spend on expensive cleaning agents. When it comes to unwanted dirt and stains, you can quickly get rid of them using soapy water and gentle scrubbing. So, you can save more time and money while maintaining a clean and comfortable lifestyle.

DIY installation is cheaper

Sometimes, installing a vanity benchtop by yourself can be cheaper and more convenient. You don’t have to schedule an appointment with your trusted contractor. But you have to be skilled and knowledgeable enough to install the vanity bench without any issues seamlessly. There are many DIY installation videos on the internet, and you can also ask for instructions and advice from your connections.

A laminate benchtop is better

There are many excellent materials suitable for a vanity bench. Laminate benchtops, in particular, are gaining popularity these days because of their qualities. These benchtops are often referred to as decorative laminates. They are made of a plastic laminate slab glued to a different kind of engineered wood, such as a medium-density fireboard, particleboard, etc. They are cheaper, easy to install, waterproof, and durable, especially when perfectly installed.

Every material is waterproof

Most houses have vanity benchtops in their bathrooms, while others have separate rooms. Since they are prone to water and moisture, many countertop materials are waterproof. Regardless of how often they get splashed or wet, they remain polished and in good condition.


Versatile but might not fit every theme

While there are many vanity bench designs online to take inspiration from, they might not fit the current theme. You can throw in pretty flowers and fancy soaps on the counter and call it a day. Sometimes, the countertop material is a mismatch in your room design. So, you have to pick the suitable material that fits your aesthetics while proving its functionality.

Every material has different qualities

Since each material is made out of different components and substances, you have to expect that they will have contrasting qualities. Whether it’s quartz, marble, or laminex, you should know that they have unique features that make them the most suitable material for your vanity benchtops. So, examine their characteristics, from the price to the longevity, before choosing.

Installation services give better results

While DIY installation has its perks, availing of vanity bench installation service is better. It is done by a highly skilled professional who can handle and work with different kinds of countertop materials. It may cost a fortune, but you can guarantee that you’ll get good returns on investment instead of spending more money repairing or reconstructing your DIY vanity countertop.

Low-maintenance but needs proper care and attention.

Regardless of the material, every countertop needs proper maintenance. Whether the benchtops are easy to clean and maintain, you have to pay attention to them so they can last longer. You have to know how to clean them from dried water spills to metal marks. And learning when and how to apply the sealant is also essential. As a responsible homeowner, you have to give every feature of your home at least the bare minimum, even if they are low-maintenance.

Common Materials Used for Vanity Benches

The appearance and quality of your vanity benches must match or enhance the room’s look. And you need high-quality materials to achieve it. That said, the following are some of the best vanity benchtops materials you should know.

Engineered Stones

Caesarstone, Essa stone, YDL stone, litho stone, and quantum quartz are all engineered stones. They are composite pieces of stones made by mixing 90% natural stone, specifically quartz, with 10% resin, polymer, and other materials. They are durable, versatile, and functional. And they offer a wide selection of colours, designs, and patterns that you can choose from.

Natural Stones

Natural stones are a classic. If you want a sophisticated vanity bench, they make suitable material. You can choose from granite, marble, travertine, quartzite, etc. Natural stones are quarried from different land formations and were developed for construction and decorative enhancements.


Also called plastic laminate, laminex is an excellent alternative material for stone benchtop installation. It’s made of layers of paper soaked in melamine and glued with phenolic resins. It’s cheaper, waterproof, and beautiful. But it’s not scratch, dent, and heat resistant.

Get the Best Vanity Benchtop Materials that Meet Your Expectations with Stone Interiors

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