Affordable Stone Benchtops in Melbourne

Quartz-based stone benchtops in Melbourne are all the rave – they were in the past and they still are today. The reason for this is that Engineered Stone Benchtops are absolutely timeless. Their classic design is guaranteed to brighten up any kitchen, no matter the architectural or interior design style.

But the best part does not end there; these gorgeous countertops are also extremely durable, and they are guaranteed to see you through hundreds and thousands of meals, special occasions, and interesting conversations with family and friends.

What is a quartz-based stone?

Quartz-based stone is engineered stone. Manufacturers combine 90 percent of quartz, a natural hard mineral, with resins, polymers, and pigments. The results are beautiful stones that are much cheaper than their counterparts, natural stone countertops. They are also designed and made to be incredibly durable just like natural stone countertops.

Interested in quartz-based stone benchtops for your Melbourne home?

If you are, you would be making an excellent choice. A few of the best options for you are Quantum Quartz, YDL Stone, and Lithostone. In this article, learn about each of these three and their advantages.

Quantum Quartz

Being one of the most widely known engineered stone distributors, Quantum Quartz is definitely worth its salt. A Quantum Quartz stone is made of 93 percent natural quartz. With the pigment and additives they include, the company is able to offer over forty different varieties of Quantum Quartz benchtops. More than that, Quantum Quartz offers a ten-year limited warranty and will never require you to avail of sealing from your stone installation specialists.

Check out these Quantum Quartz stones

Marvel at these beautiful patterns and take your pick. Whichever you pick, you can never go wrong with Quantum Quartz in your home.

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Why use Quantum Quartz?

You have a whole range of options for colour and patterns

From classic whites and light-couloured speckled ones to deep earth tones with intricate patterns and brilliant black ones, you are spoiled for choices at Quantum Quartz. Simply take a good assessment of your kitchen and decide which one is best for you. Your countertop can either blend in naturally or stand out as a centerpiece.

It is non-porous

Quantum Quartz benchtops are smooth and sealed so that no liquid or substance seeps into the stone. Those who love cooking at home will love this detail, as this allows them as much freedom and experimentation as they want in the kitchen without having to worry about whether the stone beneath their hands will suffer any damage.

It is highly resistant to scratching and chipping

Again, dedicated home cooks will find this to be great news. With Quantum Quartz benchtops, you will not have to worry too much about abrasion even if you are busy cooking a feast. Quantum Quart products are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation and they meet all the stipulated food safety requirements.

It offers easy aftercare

Quantum Quartz benchtops are extremely resistant to acids, oil, heat, and more. After your kitchen duties are over, the mess on the table can simply be wiped off. For a deep and thorough clean, follow the following Quantum Quartz maintenance steps.

For daily cleaning, soft cloth and water will do perfectly. After an intense meal preparation or whenever you feel a deep clean is needed, instead of water, use a non-acidic non-alcohol based natural cleanerm, either liquid or gel. After that, wipe the surface again with a damp cloth or sponge to remove the cleaning agent. Skipping that step may result in films appearing on your stone.

For easy removal of high-colourant stains or thicker substances, you can always opt for Quantum Quartz’ Cream Cleanser. Apply a small amount of cleanser onto a soft cloth and remove the stain in a circular motion. Never use acid cleaners or other cleaners that are not meant for a benchtop, such as oven or toilet cleaners, detergent, or other cleaners that contain strong chemicals.

If items happen to stick onto the surface such as gum, remove them using a plastic utensil and wipe down the area. Also, while your Quantum Quartz slab would be heat-resistant, it would still be best not to place hot pans directly onto the slab. Instead, use a cutting board or mat.

YDL Stone

YDL is also one of the leading distributors of quartz-based stone benchtops in Melbourne. YDL stone benchtops give a kitchen that designer finish, making it one of the go-to options for architects and interior designers. YDL offers a full range of colours, designs, and patterns that there is guaranteed to be one you will fall in love with.

YDL stone benchtops are made with 93 percent natural quartz with 7 percent quality polymer resins plus colourful pigments. The results find themselves in a stunning collection, each slab coming in with its own unique personality.

Have a look at the breathtaking stones of YDL stone

If you are interested in adding YDL stone to your kitchen, these samples might help you decide which one to use.

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Why use YDL Stone?

It is the epitome of creativity

Whether you are going for soft and sultry, classic and timeless, hip and young, or deep and mysterious, there is definitely something for you at YDL. The patterns they infuse into the slab are so eye-catching whether subtle or not such that simply looking at it will inspire creativity in you, too.

Scratch, stain, acidity, heat resistant

Sure, a slab from YDL looks like it has been pulled straight from a palace, but these stones are just as gorgeous as they are resilient. It can withstand scratches, stains, acidity, and heat, making it perfect for those who really take their kitchen time seriously.

Maintenance is easy

Because of its durabilty, YDL stone benchtops can be maintained easily. You can set a simple routine for cleaning your benchtop and the work will not take too long anyway. All you need is warm soapy water (make sure to use a pH neutral household liquid detergent or any mild detergent) and a damp cloth to wipe with.

You will be pleased to know that you will not need to ask your stonemason to apply a sealer or polishing agent on your benchtop. YDL stone benchtops are non-porous and thus will not need sealing, waxing, or polishing. Just make sure not to put high-heat objects like hot pots and pans directly onto the surface. While YDL stone is heat-resistant, Quartz stone in general may suffer from discolouration after exposure to high heat.


With a diverse palette of 28 colours varying in texture and veining, you would be adding your kitchen a rich helping of luxury with Lithostone. Lithostone offers a wide range of options for stone kitchen benchtops, all made of over 90 percent natural quartz.

Most sought after from Lithostone at the moment are the white-coloured stones with dramatic veining, as these make for a royal touch, a subtly glamorous indulgence in otherwise minimalist interiors. Lithostone also offers natural stone countertops, marble, and granite.

Check out these Lithostones

If you are interested in adding Lithostones to your kitchen, these samples might help you decide which one to use.

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Why use Lithostone?

Elegance meets function

Lithostone’s stone kitchen benchtops collection ranges from bright and airy whites to deep, soulful blacks. Adding those into your interiors would definitely make a statement and reflect your own unique taste and personality. More than that, these benchtops are also extremely durable.

Long-lasting benchtop

Because of its heat, stain, and scratch resistant properties, these stones are guaranteed to stay firm in your home for years and years. It can withstand the wear and tear of daily kitchen life, giving you room to make the most out of your gorgeous benchtop.

Maintenance won’t be a problem

Lithostone manufacturers have carefully designed and create these stones with user experience in mind. They were geared for the easy maintenance and longevity of their products. For a daily standard clean, use soapy water (mild or non-scented) and a damp cloth. Never introduce anything brash onto the surface; take care not to cut directly onto the surface or place high-heat items on it.

Lithostone and quartz in general is strong, but you will still do well not to abuse it. Don’t expose stone kitchen benchtops to strong chemicals like paint removers or strippers or high-chemical cleaning agents.

Hiring a Stone Benchtop Installer

Whether you go for natural stone countertops or quartz-based stone, companies will not deliver slabs to you directly. You will be asked to contact a stone benchtop installer first. Through them, you will pick out the stone that you choose, and they will be the ones to pick up the slab from the company’s warehouse and later install it in your kitchen.

A great stone benchtop installer is one who is committed to your satisfaction from design up to installation. You can work with them to discuss the vision you have for your space. With their expertise and your inspiration, client and stonemason will work together to turn your dream kitchen into a reality.

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