4 Best Materials For Stone Kitchen Benchtops In Melbourne

Adding a stone benchtop to your kitchen will make for a grand, welcome change. Your natural stone countertop will be your kitchen’s centerpiece. No matter the design of your kitchen–chic, minimalist, earth-inspired, you name it–when you have a beautiful stone kitchen benchtop sitting right in the middle of it, you will see a major aesthetic upgrade in your kitchen space.

The biggest benefit that a stone kitchen benchtop has is not even its elegance (although, how big of a benefit is that already?). The best thing about a stone kitchen benchtop is its function. It’s durable, temperature resistant, and requires little maintenance — perfect for all your kitchen-related needs.

When it comes to stone benchtop installation, picking out the right material is almost half the work. These four materials are all incredibly stunning and sturdy that it can be difficult to choose which one you really want! Read on to learn more about the best materials for stone benchtops in Melbourne:

Granite Stone

Across the country and especially in Melbourne, granite kitchen benchtops are some of the most popular ones among the stone materials available in the market. Granite’s reputation is well-earned. Visually, it simply screams luxury. The shapes and patterns you will see on a granite surface can make you feel as though you are closer to nature than ever. Granite comes in many different colors as well, so you are going to have a ball mixing and matching your granite countertop with the other materials you have in your kitchen.

But in terms of function, granite fares especially well. Because it is a natural mineral, granite is hard-wearing, meaning it can resist scratches, heat, stains, and chemicals. A granite kitchen benchtop will also be very easy to clean, as its smooth surface (post-sealing) is made for easy wiping. It’s perfect for the kitchen, where you can expect a good amount of waste from kitchen activities. All these mean that a granite benchtop lasts long–which is great news, since granite never goes out of style.

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Nothing spells opulence like marble. Whether it’s a marble floor, marble surrounds, or a marble kitchen benchtop, adding marble to your place will give it an instant dose of brightness, softness, and delicateness. Usually, a marble slab will have a cream background with extraordinary natural stone patterns dancing all over the surface. It can also come in darker colors such as heavier browns and greens. But overall, marble can produce a feeling of calmness and peace.

Homes in Melbourne have marble stone benchtops taking center stage in their indoors, and for good reason. Just like granite, marble strikes a good balance between beauty and quality. Marble is also durable and water resistant. It stays cool at room temperature. Marble does require some maintenance, but if you’ve had your slab sealed properly and you’ve got your kitchen care habits down pat, it should be no problem. As long as you believe marble is worth the extra work (it is), it will be a daily source of good vibes in your home.

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Quartz Stone

While not a natural stone, Quantum Quartz is one of the best pieces of stonework. It is man-made, which explains why it’s also known as engineered stone in the stone industry. It is formed by combining ground quartz with resins, polymers, and pigments. The result is a slab that is as hard as granite and sometimes even harder. This means it is also durable, wear and tear resistant, and easy to maintain. It does not require sealing or resealing because it is non-porous, which is your assurance that it is generally bacteria-free. It is not too heat-resistant, though, but with cooking materials like heating pads and a good amount of care, this is nothing to worry about.

In terms of beauty, quantum quartz benchtops also come with their own unique charm. Its clean, sleek finish is perfect for homes with minimalist or modern designs (heavy black and white contrasts, clear glass, geometric furniture or decorative materials, and the like.) It’s gaining a lot of popularity in the interior design industry, as more and more homes are built following this trend.

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Caesarstone contains around 90 percent quartz, making it extremely durable and resistant to the elements. No need for sealing, treating, or polishing: just have your caesarstone slab installed on your counter and it will be ready for use.

It also comes in varying colors and designs to choose from. Caesarstone slabs come in light to heavy creams, browns, and greys. Of course, the patterns on the surface are the stars of the show: they give off the same earthy feel as natural stone.

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Thinking up ideas for your stone benchtop installation project? Refer to this selection guide we’ve provided for you

When you’re choosing which stone material to install in your kitchen space, it’s best to gather up as much information as possible. Stone kitchen benchtops are major long-term investments, so take the time to choose which suits you best.

We recommend that you consider your budget, your kitchen’s layout, the stone materials’ profile, as well as the details of the stone material itself. Read this article about “Choosing the Right Kitchen Worktop” to serve as your guide in choosing the perfect material for your stone benchtops in Melbourne.

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