Make your home more stylish with these premium high-quality Lavistone benchtops. You can never go wrong with this engineered stone because its subtle industrial and modern charms can significantly give your home a new sense of style and character.

Mix and Match with Lavistone

Whether you want an elegant modern home or a chic minimalist house, you can easily achieve your desired style with Lavistone engineered stone.

The simplicity of the greys, whites, and blacks of the stone can match the warm tones of your home.

There are endless possibilities for you to mix and match your existing interior design with your upgraded Lavistone benchtops, so if you prefer to go with striking combinations and play with the colours and patterns, stick to the monotones.

Explore Your Lavistone Options

There are various options if you want Lavistone benchtops for your homes. Discover a wide array of this engineered stone variety now.

Dream Journey

A collection of heavenly and gorgeous Lavistone designs inspired by the stunning wonders of nature. The amazing engineered stone patterns with cool undertones allow you to achieve an attractive, dreamy home surface design.

Lifestyle Collection

Our extraordinary lifestyle collection is about the revisionism of the incredible qualities of the natural stone marble, chic and subtle cool undertones with striking and versatile patterns. Achieve the aesthetic and style that best represents your lifestyle with these varieties.

Premium Edition

A series of classic colours and simple designs made of top-grade engineered stone materials and various finishes is what our premium collection is all about. Transform your space with stunning, luxurious surfaces that resonate with an elegant industrial vibe.

Stylish Series

From the timeless whites to the iconic blacks, the stylish series represents the limitless probabilities of playing with colours, venturing into a more creative design, reflecting your lifestyle, and improving your vibe. Combine your modern aesthetic with the wonders of nature with the amazing blend of cool and neutral tones in a subtle, smooth texture.

Home Range

The comfortable and cosy atmosphere and aesthetics of every residential space are the inspiration for our exclusive home range collection. The cool whites and striking black, with multiple texture options, can achieve various designs from minimalist to industrial surface styles.

Why Choose Lavistone?

Like any other engineered stone, Lavistone is made of the finest materials and has excellent qualities that can be on par with natural stones, making it a reliable material for kitchen benchtops, bathroom floors, and other surfaces.

It has multiple colours, patterns, textures, and finishes. So, you can easily achieve your desired style and aesthetics that will improve the look and vibe of your space.

Upgrade to Lavistone Benchtops, Contact Stone Interiors

Stone Interiors is a reliable stone supplier in Melbourne who can help you get started with your Lavistone benchtop project. We have a wide array of Lavistone options and an experienced team to help install your new benchtop.

So, if you plan to upgrade to Lavistone benchtops, you can turn to Stone Interiors. Get in touch with us today by calling 03 9357 0096, and don’t hesitate to ask for a quote.