RHF Stone

RHF Quartz Stone in Melbourne

RHF Stone is composed of 93% quartz, and the rest is made out of resin and glue. These materials are also manufactured at the highest standard, making this type of stone reliable and durable for your surfacing needs. Therefore, you can be assured that its quartz content will not only make your spaces bright and beautiful but also functional and practical.

Revel in These RHF Stone Colours

Competitively priced, aesthetic, and high-quality—that’s what is in it for you if you are considering any of the following RHF Stone slabs for your residential or commercial property’s surfacing requirements.






Ramp Up Surfaces with RHF Stone

RHF Quartz stone has non-porous quality, making it convenient to clean and maintain. In addition, if you opt to have RHF Stone benchtops for your kitchen, you’ll have no worries about getting it damaged by any kitchen activities since it is highly resistant to abrasions, scratches, heat, acids, and other harmful elements in the kitchen.

Its low porosity makes RHF Quartz Stone ideal for various home and commercial surface needs and many other applications, such as countertops, vanities, tabletops, reception counters, and many more.

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