Caesarstone kitchen benchtops

Our beautiful and enticing designs created by our creative experts can put you in the right mood for cooking! These gorgeous caesarstones is perfect for your stone kitchen benchtop to brighten up your kitchens and provide a comfortable and luxurious environment for cooking.

Wide range of colours and patterns to suit any style

Thanks to variations in grain and composition, we have a vast assortment of options in our online catalogue with even more available at our office. A Caesarstone benchtop provides a contemporary but timeless finish to any home, especially complimenting those with modern décor.




Supernatural Ultra

Its high quartz content gives it exceptional beauty and has helped it sharply rise in popularity in Melbourne and abroad. Caesarstone’s striking aesthetic will highlight any kitchen design and be the envy of friends and family. Its versatility lends its use to other areas of the home as well, including bathrooms, splashbacks and outdoor spaces.

Why Get Caesarstone Benchtops?

Kitchen benchtops are used day in and out at home. Therefore, having highly durable kitchen benchtops that offer superior functionality is a must, If you own a commercial set-up such as a restaurant or a café, the requirement of having durable kitchen benchtops is even more critical. Thankfully, Caesarstone kitchen benchtops offer the perfect blend of stunning aesthetics and unmatched durability to meet the demands of any kitchen, big or small.

Our range of Caesarstone benchtops is ideal for usage in kitchens, both domestic as well as commercial because its surface can resist the daily wear and tear of kitchens, the harsh and varying climatic conditions as well as the spills and splashes of ingredients. Therefore when the kitchen traffic is on the higher side, Caesarstone kitchen benchtops can last for long and prove to be well worth the money!

Caesarstone Benchtops for Your Melbourne Kitchen

A variety of materials can be used for benches and counters, each coming with varying forms and advantages. We use only the highest quality supplies and the finest equipment and techniques to ensure that you get the best possible result.

Stone Interiors has been established in Melbourne and wider Victoria for many years, specializing in a range of reliable stone benchtops for home improvement. Our team of stonemasons has incredible skill and craftsmanship and will leave you breathless with a flawless outcome.

Benchtops made from reliable Caesarstone make life easy

There’s a reason we use the materials that we do, not only do we strive to enhance the appearance of your kitchen, our products help keep it hassle-free thanks to their amazing natural properties. Caesarstone’s stain, scratch, chip, and heat resistant surface helps it retain its magnificent, original finish without strenuous upkeep and maintenance.

Caesarstone benchtops are non-porous so you won’t need to regularly re-seal the counter to keep it protected, unlike some other more vulnerable materials. Any spills will clean off quickly and easily, leaving the surface of the counter looking as good as new once again.

Giving you outstanding products and services at affordable prices

Our goal at Stone Interiors is to remain in touch with the Melbourne community by offering reasonable, competitive rates that help remove cost as a barrier to achieving your dream kitchen. While keeping costs low we make no sacrifice on quality – we’re confident that you won’t find any service with friendlier staff that go the extra lengths to guarantee your satisfaction. We train all our own stonemasons within the team and only keep a crew that’s dedicated to finishing every job to the highest standard.

If you’re planning to use Caesarstone for your Engineered Stone Benchtop, give us a call today at Stone Interiors!