Frequently Asked Questions

Stone Interiors specializes in creating quality, elegant, desirable, and timeless benchtops. We use A-grade materials and stones some are engineered, and others are natural, to create pieces that can withstand the test of time.

1. Are all natural stones suitable for benchtop installations?

Yes, Granite is more common due to its strength but Marble is more softer so less durable .

2. What is the best way to clean engineered stone worktops?

Most companies of the products sell there detergent just add with water and use a soft cloth.

What about natural stone countertops?

Just water and no chemicals with a damp cloth.

3. Is sealing a part of the stone benchtop installation process?

Yes but we only seal natural stone such as Granite & Marble not quartz products.

4. How long will my benchtop’s protective sealer coating last?

Depending on the sealer it could last only on natural stones 1-2 years depending on the usage of your benchtops.

5. What is the difference between natural stone countertops and engineered stone worktops?
Engineered stone is more durable where Natural stone you have to look after it more .

Which is more expensive?
Depends on the Marble & Granite square meter rate cost but saying that Quartz have come up in costs also.

Which is better?
Engineered is better due to it does not scratch or stain, such as Marble or Granite. But Engineered stone does not have that real stone look but they are getting better .

6. How thick are your Marble & Granite kitchen benchtops in Melbourne?
20mm thickness then we can build the edge to suit your requirements.

7. Do stains in these stone countertops remain permanent?

Yes on Natural stones such as Marble & Granite it could remain permanent.

8. How do you repair damaged stone countertops?

Some are not possible to repair depending on the damages some possibly can be fixed.

9. How much do I need to pay for Natural stone countertops?

All stones vary in costs so please get a cost per square beforehand so you know what the costs would be.

10. Can the countertops be repaired?

Sometimes most times not depends on the damage.

11. How much does it cost to make Granite kitchen benchtops in Melbourne?

You will need to get a custom quote it’s all priced to layouts and plans.

12. Where do you source your stones and materials?
From our direct suppliers that import it from around the world.

13. What is the scope of your warranty?
We warranty our stone works, some suppliers warranty the products such as Quartz /recon has a warranty usually 10-15 years

14. How long does it take for stonemasons to make a kitchen countertop?

Usually 2-3 weeks depending on the stone works involved.

15. Do you have a showroom? Yes, we hold many samples and stone products.

16. Can I custom a design? Yes we can help you achieve the stone look you desire.

17. Do you offer a free design consultation? No but certainly can help you with stone selections on what can be used to the specific arears.

18. What areas do you service?
Mainly 60KM from CBD Melbourne Victoria

19. Do I need to be home when your team installs the benchtop?
Not required we can manage the stone install from start to finish as long the site is open.

20. What payment methods do you accept?
We prefer a Bank transfer/ cash /cheque

Have more questions that need to be answered?
Get in touch with our team. Call us at 03 9357 0096 or send us an email at