7 Kitchen Island Bench Ideas

A kitchen island bench is more than just an additional meal preparation and dining area. Instead, it’s a significant element in the kitchen that gives value and drives efficiency in your space. So, if you want to build a new kitchen benchtop and achieve a subtle or bold kitchen island design, here are some of the best kitchen island bench ideas to consider.

Beautiful Kitchen Island Bench Designs You Should Know

Rectangular Kitchen Island

kitchen island bench

Also called a galley kitchen island, the rectangular kitchen island is a classic design that fits every theme, especially in smaller spaces. The countertop is made of natural or engineered stone, while the remaining parts are cabinets and drawers.

It doesn’t have accessible edges or legroom. But you can customise the design to fit your needs. While you are free to add some personal touches, it’s impossible to install a sink or an appliance, given the size of the standard rectangular kitchen island.

Waterfall Kitchen Island Bench

kitchen island bench ideas

If you want a kitchen island that stands out, a waterfall kitchen island bench might be the design for you. It is perfect for a modern, contemporary, or Scandinavian-themed kitchen. They create an impeccable custom design with benchtops streaming down the corners like waterfalls.

Waterfall kitchen island benches are commonly made out of stones and not wood. So, they are more durable and high-quality. You can guarantee productivity and efficiency with this design. However, the materials and installation are more expensive because they need more precision and accuracy than the standard ones.

L-shaped Kitchen Island Bench

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An l-shaped kitchen island bench is exclusively made for l-shaped kitchens. As its name suggests, it’s an island placed in a space that uses two adjacent walls, and it separates the kitchen from the other parts of the house, such as the dining area.

This particular kitchen island bench is versatile, durable, and functional. It is easily accessible for preparing meals, eating, and more. While it takes up space in your kitchen, it offers additional storage for your cookware, groceries, etc. You can attach cabinets and drawers to the walls but keep an open area in the centre.

U-shaped Kitchen Island Bench

U-shaped Kitchen Island Bench

Some u-shaped kitchen island benches are made for larger spaces since they take up many walls in the room and maximise the area by providing extra space for multipurpose use. Apart from its functional and practical aspects, you can add your personal touches so it will suit your kitchen theme.

Whether you want to achieve a minimalist modern look or a traditional wooden theme, you can fully customise your u-shaped kitchen island bench. You can install cabinets on the edge while putting stools on the other corner. Make sure to use premium materials with beautiful patterns and colours. In that way, you can have many options and make the necessary adjustments.

Circular Kitchen Island Bench

When it comes to achieving a traditional kitchen design, the circular kitchen island bench is the one for you. Sometimes it can be mistaken for a table because of its rounded shape. But some kitchens use half-moon islands to accommodate more space.

This unique benchtop can be made out of stones or wood, depending on your kitchen’s style. While it has a unique shape for a kitchen island bench, it gives convenience and encourages productivity, especially for homes with smaller spaces.

Rolling Kitchen Island Bench

You’ll need a much bigger space in the kitchen, while there are also times that you’ll need an extra counter for a larger workspace. And that’s when a rolling kitchen island bench comes in handy.

A rolling kitchen island bench is also known as a portable kitchen island. It’s not fixed on the surface, making it easier to move around, especially when you need a bigger workspace. Flexibility, cost-efficiency, and versatility are the strong points of this island bench. But there are better options with more excellent quality than a freestanding one.

Sink Kitchen Island

Sink Kitchen Island

Sink kitchen island always makes it to the kitchen island bench ideas list. It encourages productivity because you can already do the washing and cleaning on the island counter. So, it’s a multipurpose benchtop beneficial for home and business owners, and they can make the most of the area and speed up their daily tasks.

But you have to use a suitable material for the benchtop to maintain its quality and longevity. Use non-porous and low-maintenance stones, such as marble, granite, quartz, etc. In that way, the water splashes from the faucet on the sink and moisture can’t penetrate the surface, damaging it.

Things to Consider in Constructing a Kitchen Island Bench

While there are many beautiful and functional kitchen islands in Australia, it’s better to be thorough and meticulous in choosing a design and constructing it. You have to be involved in the process and check out some significant factors before starting the construction. So, the following are the things to consider before building a kitchen island bench.

Size of the island bench

If you plan to install a kitchen island bench, it’s essential to consider the size. It must provide enough space for people to move freely and complete their tasks. So, it should be big enough to fulfil its function while not eating the entire kitchen space.

Apart from that, you have to consider its height. So, you will be more comfortable and productive while doing your daily tasks. The size should be too small for you to feel any inconvenience. At a minimum, the width should be 4 feet while the height is more than 2 feet. But it’s not the actual measurement because you still have to consider the room’s dimensions.

Material to use

There is a wide selection of kitchen island bench materials available to use. You can choose from natural stones, engineered stones, and even wood slabs. However, you have to examine the qualities of your preferred material, including its pros and cons. In that way, you’ll know what’s best for your kitchen island benchtop, ways to take care of it, and possible problems.

Achieve a Stunning Kitchen Island Bench with Stone Interiors

Whatever type of island bench you’ve chosen from the long list of kitchen island bench ideas above, you should know where to get premium materials that will result in sophistication and satisfaction.

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