Pros and Cons of Black Granite Benchtops

Kitchen benchtops are an essential aspect of your kitchen. You spend most of your time preparing your food on your benchtop, so you want it durable and looking great. And because of that, having black granite benchtop may have crossed your mind several times. After all, who would say no to a sleek and sophisticated-looking benchtop? However, before you put all your heart into this colour and material, you should consider looking up its pros and cons to ensure that you are making a decision you won’t regret.

Check out the list of pros and cons we have come up with about black granite countertops.

Pros of Using Black Granite Benchtops

There are many reasons why you should opt for black granite benchtops, and we’ve listed a few for you to consider:

Timeless Beauty

Like any other natural stone, granite benchtops offer this classic beauty that can surely capture the eyes of anyone who visits your home. And if you choose black of all other colours available, it further adds this luxurious feel.

If you are aiming for a kitchen interior design that will look good for an entire lifetime, then black granite slabs will be the best option for you out there.


Black granite benchtops are beautiful with a purpose since they are stain-resistant and do not get easily damaged by normal wear and tear in the kitchen.

In addition, they can be heat resistant, so whenever you subject a granite benchtop to heat coming from pots and pans, they won’t be harmed or weakened.

Less Cleaning

Compared to other types of granite, black granite can be easier to clean, and it’s all possible due to its dark colour. If you opt for brighter and whiter granite, stains coming from condiments, wine, tea, and coffee, can be too noticeable compared to dark granite.

And if you don’t have all the time in the world to constantly clean, then this feature is beneficial for you.

Wide Options

Yes, you read that right; granite offers many black-coloured options.

Among the black-coloured granite surfaces include:

More Granite Stones

Since granite is a natural stone, each of its slab types offers unique, bold, and beautiful shades and patterns to help you create a strong statement for your kitchen benchtops.


There are tons of kitchen designs that black granite benchtops can accommodate. So, whether you plan for a dramatic waterfall edge for your kitchen island, there is a black granite type for you.

Don’t worry because no matter what design you choose, black granite will complement traditional, transitional, and contemporary kitchens.

Enhances Other Elements

Dark granite benchtops can also add richness to your kitchen’s interior design, and they can enhance other elements in the room, such as the colour of your splashback, ceiling, cupboards, and the like.

Case in point, if you have cabinetry that is all in white, your black granite benchtop will not only make a great highlight in your kitchen, but it will also make your guests appreciate the contrast.

Cons of Black Granite Benchtops

Despite the many advantages of black granite benchtops, they do not come without drawbacks.


Ensuring that your benchtops are constantly in their best condition requires a three-step procedure that preserves and protects their beauty.

The said procedure involves cleaning, polishing, and sealing granite. This procedure can be laborious for people who do not have all the time in the world to keep their benchtops clean at all times.

Cleaning and Polishing

Fingerprints, spillage, water rings, and other marks are visible on black granite benchtops. If you are a busy person, these marks will make you spend extra time cleaning it.

And if you spend most of your time cooking in the kitchen, you will eventually find the need to polish the surfaces, which can be tedious at some point.


Though granite benchtops do not stain as easily as other stone surfaces, sealing them is crucial so it will be easier for you to clean and maintain their quality.

However, predicting how often you should seal them can be difficult, and this is why it is highly encouraged to seal your granite benchtop at least once per year will make it easier for you to maintain. But then this would mean additional costs on your end.


The cost of granite benchtops can get expensive. This is because the price will depend on where you purchase your supply.

But if you are buying from a wholesaler, the price will often be less than you would pay at a retailer. Wholesalers are usually more affordable for materials and installation costs.


No matter how beautiful black granite benchtops are, they will all boil down to your preference. If you intend to change your kitchen’s interior design drastically in the future, then maybe this colour and type of natural stone may not be the best one for you.

Sure, your black granite benchtops are versatile, but what if you prefer a bright and white minimalist look and feel for your kitchen?

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