5 Ideas to Design a Kitchen with Grey Stone Countertops

Grey is a versatile colour that you can treat as a blank canvas that you can experiment with various interior designs and styles. If you have an existing grey stone countertops, you are in for luck because the colour grey makes an excellent foundation for any interior design you have in mind for your kitchen.

However, grey can be a tricky colour. One wrong move, and it will make your entire kitchen look bland and boring. But worry no more as we have laid out five ideas on how you can design your kitchen that has existing grey stone countertops. We have also included five stone materials for your engineered stone or natural stone countertops that offer grey-coloured surface designs that you may want to consider if you have yet to build your kitchen countertops.

5 Ideas to Design a Kitchen with Grey Stone Benchtops

There are tons of ways how you can design your kitchen if you have an existing grey stone countertop. Below, we have curated five different ideas that are not only easy to apply and achieve but are also feasible and will make your kitchen’s interior design stand out.

dark grey stone countertops

1. Make Grey the Main Highlight

Grey may be one of the neutral colours and, at a glance, it may seem challenging to be creative with this colour. But the good news is that the possibilities are endless should you have an existing grey stone benchtop.

The colour grey is a versatile colour that complements a wide range of colours. While you can use this colour as a canvas, you can also use it as a highlight. Consider having a uniform colour for other surfaces in your kitchen, leaving your countertops the main highlight. You can also utilise various hues of grey for other surfaces while ensuring your countertop stands out with a lighter or darker hue.

Grey Stone Benchtops

2. Apply the Shades of Grey

According to Forbes, the human eye can perceive more than 500 shades of grey. And if you want to make the most out of your existing grey countertop, consider utilising two or more of these shades in your kitchen. You can add depth to your countertops, just like how shadows would.

grey stone countertop kitchen island

3. Feature Other Neutral Colours

Grey is one of the neutral colours, such as beige, white, cream, and many more. If you want to stray away from an overcrowded look and feel for your kitchen, neutral colours will also be deemed as a range of colours that will still look classic and stylish. Neutral colours are also considered safe colours. So, in case you want to change your mind with your interior design along the way, you can do so.

kitchen with grey stone countertops

4. Go Minimal with Grey

If you know that your design taste leans on minimalism, your existing grey countertop will surely meet your design needs. Minimalism is an all-time favourite interior design; hence, making it a famous design option should you have an existing grey countertop as your foundation.

grey stone kitchen countertop

5. Play with Contrast

If you have an existing grey countertop, you may want to consider having cabinetry that comes in an entirely different colour or style.

Say, for instance, you have a grey countertop that has unique veining, you may want to have timber cabinets above, and you may want to choose a surface that has unique but complementary grain or pattern. Playing with contrast in your kitchen is a great way to explore your creativity, too.

5 Stone Materials for Your Grey Stone Countertops

Just like the fact that there are tons of ideas on how to make the most out of your grey stone countertops, there are also a lot of possible stone materials you can install if you are yet to install grey countertops for your kitchen. But to narrow things down for you, here are five stone materials that offer a wide range of grey-coloured surfaces.

1. Lithostone

As a popular engineered stone option for stone kitchen benchtops, you can never go wrong with Lithostone, especially since it offers a wide range of grey patterns and colours. You can choose from their luxury range, premium range, super range, concrete range, and builder’s range.

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2. Quantum Quartz

If you want a surface that has characteristics, go ahead and pick quantum quartz. This material is known for its durable quality and resistance against scratches, chipping, heat, and stains. Their deluxe and natural quartz series features grey-coloured slabs you can choose from.

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3. Granite

Do you want a grey natural stone countertop? Choose granite! This stone material has tons of slab designs that come in grey colours. And best of all, being a kind of natural stone, it features unique surfaces that will surely stand out once installed in your kitchen.

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4. Quartzite

Another natural stone option in this list is quartzite. Apart from having grey-coloured surfaces, quartzite features unique textures that will surely captivate you. With its impressive characteristics, you can surely add personality to your kitchen space with ease.

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5. Vasari Porcelain

Are you wanting to have a grey porcelain countertop? Vasari Porcelain is a porcelain material that could potentially suit your needs. Vasari stones have grey slab options for you to choose from. The best part is that it features variations in grain and composition that will complement various kitchen styles and decors.

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Achieve These Ideas with Stone Interiors

All the stone materials mentioned above are offered by Stone Interiors. We will not only help you supply these materials for your grey countertops, but we will also install them for you. Just contact us on 0422 448 494, so we can give you a quote. Waste no more time and make the most out of your grey countertops today!