Pros and Cons of Quantum Quartz Benchtops Melbourne

Are you currently building a new kitchen? Or are you considering redesigning your kitchen? If you are, then you are probably having a hard time choosing the perfect material for your natural stone countertops and benchtops. For sure, Quantum Quartz has been recommended to you both by friends and industry professionals.

Its popularity is definitely not to be questioned: Quantum Quartz adds elegance and style to a kitchen while also offering other amazing benefits such as durability and cost-effectiveness. While it is a relatively new addition to the roster of stone benchtops in Melbourne, it has quickly gained praise among many homeowners.

In this article, we will explore the Quantum Quartz option. Read on to learn about quantum quartz benchtops and their pros and cons.

What Is Quantum Quartz?

Engineered stone is a man-made product (as opposed to natural stone.) Its main component is quartz, one of the earth’s most resilient minerals. A slab made specifically by Quantum Quartz is made of 93 percent quartz, and the rest of its content includes a bonding agent, pigment, resin, and other additives.

Quantum Quartz, a beloved Aussie brand created by the company WK Marble and Granite, began creating engineered stone in the late 1980s. Today, they offer 40 varieties of engineered stone. Quantum Quartz engineered stones are used as benchtops, splashbacks, vanities, and surrounds, to name a few examples.

Pros of Quantum Quartz Benchtops

They offer a wide range of colours and design

What truly attracts people to Quantum Quartz stones is the gracefulness it exudes. When you add a Quantum Quartz slab onto your kitchen island, it will suddenly amp up the stylishness of your place. With Quantum Quartz, watch your kitchen transform from a simple, purpose-built home section into a place that gives off a warm and welcoming ambience. It gives your kitchen a dash of class and charm, making it a true expression of personal style and taste.

Quantum Quartz stones come in a range of colours, from classic whites to earth tones to brilliant blacks. Its patterns differ from stone to stone as well. Add a classic white benchtop to your kitchen to go for the chic, light, and airy vibe. Add a brilliant black benchtop and you make a bold, powerful statement. It is all up to the homeowner; let your creative juices flow when you choose a stone from Quantum Quartz.

The benchtops are incredibly resilient

Quantum Quartz is extremely durable and long lasting. It is virtually non-porous, which means it is resistant to scratching, chipping, and abrasion. It has no problem coming into contact with acids and oils, and it can also resist stains. It also maintains well even when interacting with heat.

Quantum Quartz is an excellent option for passionate home cooks. With the way it resists the wear and tear that comes with kitchen activities, you can trust that your Quantum Quartz stone will retain its quality no matter how much or how often you use your benchtop. Of course, as a rule of thumb, it still should not be abused or deliberately tested.

The stones are easy to maintain

Quantum Quartz is easy to maintain. You can expect stains to just slide off of your benchtop with a single wipe of a damp soft cloth. Its easy maintenance feature can be attributed to its non-porous nature. Because it can hold its own against spills and stains, cleaning up after a cooking session will be a breeze for you. You get to enjoy the look and feel of your bench top at all times.

It is recommended that you also employ special care and maintenance techniques for your Quantum Quartz stone. Purchase a non-acidic, non-alcohol based natural cleaner to use instead of water; this is for when you happen to deal with tougher or bigger stains. You may also use the Quantum Quartz Cream Cleanser, as it was specially manufactured for quantum quartz stones.

Cons of Quantum Quartz

You might find the price to be high

While it is true that some find engineered stone’s $300 to $600 per square metre price range to be quite high, it is actually one of the more affordable stone benchtops. Granite benchtops cost about $650 to $2,000 per square metre, while marble benchtops are priced at around $800 to $2,200 per square metre.

So if you take a step back and assess your options, its price really is not a con when you examine it in comparison. In fact, it is a sweet deal: you get nearly the same durability and elegant finish for much less.

You may have your heart set on natural stone

The look of Quantum Quartz engineered stone is perfect for designers and homeowners who are looking to build a modern, maybe even minimalist, kitchen. But some may prefer the more natural look of natural stone: they want to see the patterns that dance on a marble slab or the speckles on a granite slab. It cannot be denied that natural stone is incredibly pleasing to the eyes and also extremely durable. If you have your heart set on natural stone, be prepared to adjust your budget to accommodate it, and account for installation as well.

Quantum Quartz also offers natural stone in their catalogue. They have marble, granite, limestone, onyx, travertine, and quartzite available.


Quantum Quartz benchtops fare well against natural stone and other engineered stone options. If you are looking to build a resilient cooking area that is also pretty as a picture, you will definitely be happy if you go with Quantum Quartz. Remember to consider not just your slab’s colour, but also your overall kitchen design as you decide which stone to include in your space. Whichever you choose, you’re guaranteed satisfying results with Quantum Quartz.

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