6 Caesarstone Alternatives You Should Consider

When it comes to choosing the right engineered stone for kitchen benchtops, Caesarstone seems to obtain the popular vote for multiple reasons. While it elevates the beauty of your kitchen, the stone and the installation can be expensive. But many Caesarstone alternatives match its quality.

Many homeowners consider Caesarstone because of its durability, aesthetics, and sustainability. However, its price tag and maintenance requirements are valid factors to reconsider.

If you opt to use other more practical and low-maintenance material that has almost the same quality as Caesarstone, be sure to read on to learn more about Caesarstone alternatives. But what is Caesarstone in the first place?

What is Caesarstone?

Caesarstone is a famous brand of engineered stone made of quartz mineral and polyresin. There is no definite percentage on the combination of the raw materials in every brand. But most brands use the ratio of 90% quartz mineral and 10% polyresin.

It has a broader selection of colours compared to other engineered quartz stones, from white to black. Besides the primary shades, Caesarstone also offers stronger colours, such as amethyst.

Caesarstone Alternatives

When it comes to versatility, sustainability, and durability, Caesarstone got it all. But there are also other engineered stones possessing the same qualities as Caesarstone but are more cost-efficient in meeting your daily kitchen demands, such as the following.

Essa stone

alternative to caesarstone

Constructed from 95% natural quartz and 5% resin, Essastone is a non-porous surface that can resist scratches, heat, and stains. It has a wide variety of colours and patterns to choose from. Essa stone can fit classical and modern designs with a high gloss finish to complete your preferred home aesthetics.

You can use Essa stone both indoors and outdoors. While kitchen counters and bathroom surfaces are the common parts of the house that use Essa stones, it’s also a good material for an outdoor kitchen but needs proper maintenance to prevent fading.

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cheaper alternative to caesarstone

Another engineered stone made of 94% quartz mixed with resins and other adhesives is called Silestone. It makes a hard and durable surface that’s also non-porous and dense, and it is scratch and stain-resistant. Whether you have accidentally scratched the surface from cutting ingredients or stained it after spilling coffee, there’s nothing to worry about.

But Silestone is not heat-resistant. So, you’ll need a trivet or thermal pad to protect your countertop from your hot pan.

Silestone has a wide selection of colours, styles, and patterns. So, you can match it well with whatever motif you desire, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Silestone doesn’t require constant sealing, re-sanding, and polishing when it comes to maintenance. So, its design, style, durability, and low-maintenance quality makes it a fierce candidate for your sophisticated kitchen benchtop.

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YDL Stone

YDL Stone Benchtop

While kitchen benchtops made of Caesarstone are prevalent in most homes, YDL quartz stones are also catching the interest of homeowners. Compared to Caesarstone, which is produced by using quartz minerals and resins, YDL stone is made of natural quartz combined with premium polymer resins and colourful pigments.

It’s one of the great Caesarstone alternatives offering eminent colours and designs perfect for your residential and commercial surfaces. Like other engineered stones, it’s spill-resistant, low-maintenance, refined, and durable.

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Stone Italiana

best alternative to caesarstone

Stone Italiana has a long history of manufacturing high-quality quartz and marble stones. It doesn’t only suit your kitchen counter and benchtops but also your bathrooms, floors, and other surfaces. While some quartz stones are shaped in squares, Stone Italiana offers unique shapes and pieces that fit your home’s nooks and crannies.

It has a premium design, colour, size, compactness, and other characteristics, helping you achieve a luxurious benchtop that matches your aesthetics. So, you can never go wrong with Stone Italiana as a Caesarstone alternative.

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Smart Stone

Smartstone Kitchen Benchtop Statuario Venato

If you are a fan of engineered stones with a sophisticated and polished finish, the smart stone is the one for you. It’s among the top indoor surfacing choices for residential and commercial establishments. Its price, durability, quality, and sustainability make it an excellent Caesarstone alternative.

Like other quartz engineered for contemporary living, it has a wide range of designs and colours. Some popular smart stone collections have marble-like styles, making it a more favourable option given that marble is a tad expensive.

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Quantum Quartz

caesarstone alternatives quartz

When it comes to a budget-friendly but high-quality benchtop and surface material, quantum quartz is one of the top choices. Homeowners can be more confident in using the kitchen because it’s scratch-, heat-, and stain-resistant.

It comes in varied sizes and thicknesses with beautiful patterns. You can choose from standard to designer quantum quartz for your benchtops that can complete the sophisticated design of your kitchen.

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Tips in Choosing the Right Caesarstone Alternative

Various brands are competing to be the best Caesarstone alternative. They may have many similarities with Caesarstone, but they also have unique characteristics. That is why it’s essential to be more meticulous so you can pick the suitable material for your benchtop, bringing you a step closer to your dream kitchen.

So, before you choose an alternative, you should consider looking into the following factors:

  • Uniformed internal structure without cracks;
  • Consistent colour and pattern in each slab;
  • Wide variety of sizes and thickness;
  • Enduring shine that requires seldom resealing;
  • Resistant to heat, stain, and scratch; and
  • Excellent quality at reasonable prices.

While most engineered stones have the qualities mentioned above, it’s best to compare them to guarantee beautiful and long-lasting kitchen benchtops and surfaces.

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Looking for great Caesarstone alternatives is not an easy task. There are many things to consider and evaluate before coming to a decision. But you can let Stone Interiors take the weight off your shoulder. We have a wide array of available engineered stones with almost the same qualities as Caesarstone, which can fit your motif better.

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