Create the Classic White Kitchen with White Granite Benchtops

When choosing a granite benchtop colour, you can never go wrong if you set your eyes on white. White is a safe colour and a timeless option that will remain relevant in the years to come. It is versatile enough to match various designs, specifically the classic white kitchen.

While some kitchen design trends come and go, a white kitchen remains strong. Whether you opt for a minimalist design, contemporary, or country-style, a white granite benchtop will not look out of place.

If you plan to build or renovate a kitchen with white granite benchtops, be sure to read on to learn more about this natural stone.

White Granite Is Not Exactly White

White granite is not exactly pure white. It is called such because it looks predominantly white if you look at it from a distance.

It is also important to note that granite is a natural stone. This type of stone comes with an irregular and distinct pattern and multiple colours due to the other minerals in its composition. So, even if a white granite slab looks predominantly white, it will still feature different colours than white.

Know Whether White Granite Is Right for You

White is a colour that complements all colours, and it is a magical colour that can brighten a room, make small spaces look more expansive, and suit various interior designs. However, it does not necessarily match every individual’s needs.

That said, let us help you assess whether the white granite is the right one for you. Before making up your mind, be sure to ask yourself the following simple questions to help you make the right decision.

white granite benchtops

“Can I keep up with its maintenance needs?”

Indeed, white surfaces are somehow easier to clean since you can see where to wipe and brush. But the question here is, can you keep up with its cleanliness needs? Cleaning such a bright and clear surface might take time before it looks clean.

Besides cleaning, granite also requires polishing and sealing. Seal your granite benchtop at least once a year so it won’t be susceptible to scratches, stains, and other damaging kitchen activities.

“Can I be creative enough to change and replace decors to suit white?”

It would help if you got your creative juices ready because the possibility is vast when decorating your kitchen with a white benchtop as the centrepiece.

Although it is not necessary to constantly change the decorations in your white kitchen, you should at least consider the possibility. And if you do, are you creative enough to add decorations that will change your kitchen’s overall look and match your desired interior design?

“Am I ready to invest in a ‘boring’ colour?”

Before you react to this question, know first that the colour white is not exactly dull. However, you should be willing to invest in it to give it life.

Your decorating choices depend on how you make the most out of your white granite benchtops, and it also depends on how you complement it with the other elements in your kitchen.

Various Types of White Granite

There are several types of granite colours, and this is dependent on the minerals and rocks that make granite. Quartz and feldspar minerals primarily make up white granite.

Below are a few white granite types you can try out for your white kitchen.

Colonial White

Colonial White

If you are looking for a type of white granite that gives off a luxurious appeal, the Colonial White type is perfect for that. This type comes in a cream-like appearance, and its background comes with brown-coloured minerals. It also features other colours such as pale grey silvers and black speckles that blend to create its sophisticated appeal.
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Delicatus White

Delicatus White

Do not be deceived by its name because Delicatus White comes with rich dark veins. But it has a soft white background that creates a beautiful contrast. If you use it for your kitchen benchtop, it makes a great accent, but it can also be used on any surface, such as backsplashes, countertops, and even accent walls.
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Viscount White

Viscount White

Your kitchen benchtop won’t look that out of place if it comes in a Viscount White surface. This type of surface features thin and wavy grey-black patterns that look elegant. This type of white granite may generally feature this pale surface, but thanks to its elegant veins, you can certainly create a statement that is bound to stand out.
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White Ice

White Ice

If you are searching for a material that can give you both a dramatic and modern look, the White Ice type is just right. It comes in grey swirls, black flecks, and a predominantly bright white background. This type of white granite can give you this soft and minimalistic feel, especially if you couple it with white cabinetry, cupboard, and countertops.
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Achieve the Classic White Kitchen with These Styles

You can apply many kitchen designs if you opt for white granite as the primary material used for your benchtops. But three of the common styles include minimalism, contemporary, and country-style.

The obvious style is minimalism. White granite slabs are perfect for this design since it aims for a clean and straightforward look. You can also opt for a contemporary style, and the features of white granite slabs will still work because this design aims for simplicity with a hint of sophistication.

Last but not least is a country-style kitchen. White is a popular colour of choice in most country-style kitchens, and a white granite benchtop will make such a great addition.

White Granite Benchtop

Know Where to Get Your White Granite Supply

At Stone Interiors, we have a wide range of natural stones, including granite. We will not only help you supply the materials you need for your kitchen construction or renovation, but we will also help you install your granite kitchen benchtops in Melbourne. Be sure to contact us today on 0422 448 494 to get a quote.