Grey Benchtops and Other Neutral Kitchen Colour Schemes

Bold is not always better, and neutrals do not have to be boring. So, when determining the colours for your kitchens, you can certainly never go wrong if you opt for neutral colours.

In this article, let us learn the various kitchen benchtop neutral colours, such as grey benchtops, and the many reasons why going neutral will benefit you in the long run.

Why Go Neutral with Your Kitchen

You can never go wrong if you start with a neutral background with your kitchen’s design. That said, we have listed some of the many benefits why you should go neutral with your kitchen.

Neutral Is Timeless

The best thing about neutral colours is that they will never go out of style. Unlike trends, neutral colours will still be relevant years from now, and you won’t easily get tired of it. It is an investment that will give your kitchen colours that will last a lifetime.

Neutrals Open Design Opportunities

Having a neutral background for your kitchen’s interior is like having a canvas that opens up new design opportunities. You can follow existing interior design themes such as contemporary and mid-century modern, while you can also add your character and personal flair.

Neutrals Are Flexible

Neutral-coloured spaces, in general, are so flexible that even if you decide you want brighter colours later on, you can still play around with them. If you are worried about regretting having a neutral-coloured kitchen, one of the things you can do that won’t let you break the bank is to add accents and elements, and the neutral colours will match and blend things easily.

Neutral Suits for the Unsure

Designing and decorating a home is almost always not easy, and regrets are bound to happen along the way. Hence, if you are unsure of what theme you want or fully aware of how your mind changes a lot, then go for neutral and get that peace of mind.

Neutral-Coloured Benchtops

There are many neutral colours you can choose from. This includes grey, beige, ivory, cream, off-white, and so on.

When people hear of neutral paint colours, they will most likely think of two possible things: bland or chic. Some people think it’s bland since neutrals meant “without colour” or those with no definitive and vivid colours when it comes to interior design.

So, if you are someone who does not have an eye for design, you can easily brush off neutrals and might even think of replacing an existing neutral-coloured benchtop with something that is bright-coloured.

However, if you have a good eye for colour combinations or work with someone with one, neutrals can be chic because they will never go out of style. If these colours are accompanied by kitchen tapware, fixtures, accents, and so on, they will still look neat and classy.

Below, allow us to give you simple ideas on how you can make the most out of these neutral colours for your kitchen benchtops to get you started. We’ve also cited a few stone materials you can choose from. Who knows? You might just break the idea that neutrals are bland.

1. Grey + Blue Combination

If you want to come home to a kitchen with a centrepiece that is soothing to the eyes, grey and blues are a fool-proof colour scheme for your benchtop. This colour combination is perfect for kitchens with contemporary or traditional interior designs.

Blue is known to be a tranquil and calm colour, and you can even get the best out of it if a shade of grey goes with it. Marble has tons of options, including options with grey veining, which you can choose from for your greys.

Observe proper contrast and make sure that one colour is brighter or darker than the other so it won’t feel and look bland.

2. Beige + Grey Combination

Nowadays, the combination of beige and grey may be considered a trend. Still, it is actually one of the best colour combinations that will always be regarded as an iconic match made in heaven. It’s a versatile combination that will match kitchens with an industrial or contemporary design.

For the material recommendation, you may want to consider browsing through the various Sile Stone colour range rich with beige and grey shades. You can choose from their selection that comes with variations in grain and composition.

3. All-White

When it comes to neutrals, an all-white benchtop is certainly a classic. Sure, it is also versatile, but what makes white an all-time classic is that it gives an illusion that you have more space in your kitchen than there actually is. Best of all, it keeps this clean and crisp look for your kitchen and can also suit various interior design styles.

And for the suggested material, you can check out Caesarstone since they have tons of white and timeless finishes and designs.

4. Grey

Should you want a safe but versatile neutral colour, head right away with grey. A grey kitchen benchtop is safe if you don’t want a too bright or too moody colour palette for your overall kitchen design, and grey is also significant support for vibrant colours.

Grey looks good with colourful accents such as mustard, teal blue, red, and blush pink. And of course, it also looks good with other neutral colours, which is proven in the first two colour combinations recommended.

Among the engineered stones you can use for your benchtop’s material, you can find that the Silestone material has a range of grey designs that you may take into liking.

Go Neutral Today with Stone Interiors

If you are specifically looking for a stone kitchen benchtop in grey and other neutral-coloured tones, Stone Interiors offers a wide range of benchtop materials that meets your needs.

In need of neutral-coloured engineered stones? We’ve got you covered with many options, such as our collection of Quantum Quartz that comes with many neutral-coloured slabs. And if you want natural stones instead, we also have Marble options that can help you achieve the grey benchtops you’ve always wanted.

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