Top Stone Materials for Your Kitchen Splashback

Installed kitchen splashback

Your kitchen splashback is not only for protecting your walls from stains and spillages from meal preparation, but it is also for keeping an attractive and stunning kitchen space. If you want to keep this element functional and aesthetic, choose high-quality stone materials that fit your kitchen’s current design.

To bring your kitchen splashback ideas to life and enhance the look and functionality of the room, here are some of the top stone kitchen splashback materials you should know.

Natural Stones

The popular choices for kitchen splashbacks are natural stones, for they have an unmatched combination of durability and beauty. These materials’ inherent functional and aesthetic qualities bring out the unique and timeless character of any culinary space.

Some of the ideal natural stone options to achieve exquisite and durable splashbacks are as follows:


The sophisticated beauty, notable durability, and remarkable versatility of marble make it a compelling choice for kitchen splashbacks. Its smooth and elegant surface and unique veining patterns add character to your culinary space.

Marble features classy shades of white, which can quickly bring your splashback ideas to life. In addition to its aesthetic qualities and ability to resist heat and stains and repel moisture, it is an excellent option for those seeking a stylish and practical kitchen design.


The vibrant colours and distinct mineral patterns that granite offers make every culinary area more striking and captivating. Granite is one of the popular kitchen surface materials known for its natural strength and robustness.

It is exceptionally resistant to moisture, heat, and scratches and innately durable, ideal for a kitchen environment. This natural stone also ensures easy maintenance due to its polished surface that doesn’t require intricate cleaning.


The delicate process of forging the natural metamorphic rock from sandstone and quartz under extreme heat and pressure makes quartzite a sturdy and durable splashback material.

Quartzite also features a unique veining pattern and colour variations, offering a wide selection of hues and styles to personalise your splashback design. And, like other natural stones, it showcases incredible resistance to stains, heat, and scratches, making it a remarkable choice for a busy kitchen.


Travertine is not your typical limestone because it is a sedimentary stone formed from natural spring’s mineral deposits. Its natural composition and formation process give this stone a bold and unique appearance that can be seen in its distinctive swirls.

If you want to achieve a classic and earthy kitchen room design through your kitchen splashback, travertine is the best material to use.

With its iconic stone aesthetic, captivating neutral colours, and extreme durability and versatility, it can sustain constant and intense culinary activities and maintain its striking look for an extended period.

Engineered Stone

When it comes to practicality, engineered stone is a popular splashback material option. These materials are more affordable than natural stones but offer almost the same qualities, from external appearance to internal characteristics.

Here are some top-engineered stones that can give your busy kitchen a stunning and functional splashback.


Made from resins and natural quartz compound, Caesarstone is an excellent and more cost-efficient alternative to quartzite that still showcases similar qualities to the said natural stone.

It has a non-porous surface that can resist heat, scratches, and stains, with a polished finish that is easy to clean and ideal for busy and productive kitchens.

This engineered stone also prides itself on its variety of colour and design options, matching every style preference of commercial property and homeowners.


If you want to bring your kitchen splashback ideas to life with a more affordable stone material, Essastone is a reliable choice.

This engineered stone brand protects kitchen surfaces from heat, stains, scratches, and citrus acid marks from cooking and meal preparation.

It is also made to increase the look and feel of your kitchen with its vast array of colour, design, texture, and finish options that fit various design aesthetics.

Smart Stone

For those commercial and residential properties with contemporary interior designs and looking for an engineered stone kitchen splashback material, the smart stone is one to look out for.

Some smart stone collections with marble-like styles, bold veining patterns, and shiny finishes are perfect for achieving different types of contemporary kitchen design aesthetics. Like other engineered stone options, it is also durable, high-quality, and sustainable.

kitchen using marble splashback

Things to Consider When Choosing a Kitchen Splashback Material

Whether you are looking for an excellent kitchen splashback for your new or remodelled kitchen, it is essential to consider some factors before deciding which material to purchase.

This process lets you choose the stone material for your kitchen splashback ideas. For more meticulous decision-making, here are some of the aspects that you should consider:


Stone materials for kitchen splashbacks have varying prices. There are expensive options, while there are also more affordable brands. You should select the material that fits your budget to avoid compromising some aspects of your project, such as the installation and maintenance costs.


Both natural and engineered stones are high-quality. They also possess excellent functionality and design characteristics, which can improve your kitchen’s entire look and efficiency. Select a top-graded material that guarantees durability, versatility, low maintenance, and longevity over those that can only offer good aesthetic qualities.


One of the most vital factors when selecting a splashback material is its design options. Some stones have striking colours and bold patterns, while others exhibit neutral shades with subtle veining patterns. The choice depends on your preferred kitchen aesthetics, so make sure to pick the option that matches and elevates your style.

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