7 Easy Steps on How to Fix Stone Benchtop Chips

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A stone benchtop is an excellent addition to your busy culinary space, for it can enhance its aesthetics and functionality. While stones are known for their beauty and durability, they are still prone to chipping. So, prevent and repair your stone benchtop damage by learning how to fix stone benchtop chips in this blog.

1. Identify the Causes of Chipping

Determining the root cause of the damage is essential to maintain the aesthetic appeal and maximise the function of your stone benchtops.

Try to examine your damaged surfaces and pinpoint the possible reasons for the issue, such as excessive heat exposure, natural wear and tear, and extreme pressure.

This step will allow you to develop the right solutions, use relevant repair materials, and protect your benchtop from further damage.

It will also help your kitchen counters restore their former glory, extend their longevity, and keep their optimal function.

2. Clean the Damaged Part

Before repairing the chipped area, clean it first to remove dirt and debris. It is also essential to guarantee that the damage doesn’t spread further and ensure extreme adhesion of the adhesives.

Start cleaning the chipped area with an ammonia-based cleaning agent and a nylon brush to eliminate household stains, grime, and other dirt faster.

However, you should mix it with water since it can also remove the seal and dull the shine of your counters. Rinse the surface by dipping a clean microfibre cloth into water and gently wiping the damaged part.

3. Dry the Cleaned Area

After rinsing the cleaned chipped part, get a clean, dry cloth and wipe it on the surface. Once you are done brushing, leave the area and let it dry.

It is essential to let the cleaned damaged portion of your stone benchtop dry properly so no moisture will be left on the surface.

The presence of moisture will compromise the condition of the benchtop due to the potential growth of mould and mildew. It will also compromise the adhesion of the repair substance, which can impact the kitchen benchtop’s longevity, appearance, and function.

4. Use the Right Adhesive Material

Many adhesion substances can solve your problem and restore your stone benchtop to its former glory.

Among the most popular materials you should consider is epoxy resin, a strong adhesive with a durable adhesive bond, low moisture absorption, and heat-resistance properties.

You can opt for a colour-matched epoxy resin, which is added with colour pigments to match the current colour of your stone benchtop when applied to the chipped area. But you can also choose a clear epoxy resin or an acrylic adhesive that comes in kits for easy application and repair.

5. Know the Correct Application Method

While you can DIY the process and look up how to fix stone benchtop chips online, you should be more careful and thorough when applying your chosen adhesive.

It guarantees that you can restore and maintain your stone benchtop in excellent condition instead of causing more damage on the surface because of a wrong application method.

Read the instruction manuals for the stone chip repair kit to properly apply the substance to the fissured surface.

You can also use a UV light for a proper curing method to ensure maximum adhesion and efficiency of the applied resin or other substance. As a result, you can fix the issue, conceal the fissure, and save your kitchen countertop from further damage.

6. Reseal the Repaired Benchtop

Fixing the fissures from your stone benchtop means using adhesive materials with various chemical components. These substances can cause dullness and other effects on your beautiful and shiny culinary surfaces.

Hence, you must reseal the fixed benchtop to keep it clean and shiny, prevent damage, and ensure a seamless repair job.

Use the proper sealant that matches the needs of your benchtop’s stone type since most of these substances have different ingredients and components, which may not suit your surfaces and cause damage.

Find the suitable material and seal your surfaces for a shiny and polished kitchen benchtop.

7. Call a Professional

Sometimes, DIY solutions can do more harm than good, especially if you are unfamiliar with the issue and its repair method. The most preferred solution is to call a professional to fix your chipped stone surfaces.

They know how to fix your stone benchtop correctly and what adhesive material best suits your surfaces.

With their extensive experience and proven skills, you can ensure you get a high-quality service, restore your fissured stone surfaces, and prevent more damage.
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How to Prevent Stone Benchtop from Chipping

Stone benchtop fissures are minor issues but can lead to significant surface problems when left untreated. To avoid inconveniences in your busy kitchen, prevent this problem by following these tips.

Clean Regularly

Regular cleaning and maintenance on kitchen surfaces help keep your stone benchtops in excellent condition. You can prevent dried-up stains, stubborn dirt, and mildew growth.

It also allows you to be fully aware of the condition of your surfaces, spot fissures and other issues, and apply immediate repair measures.

Use Trivets and Coasters

Many reasons explain the formation of benchtop chips, and extreme direct heat from kitchenware and other utensils are among them.

To protect your beautiful yet delicate stone kitchen surfaces, you must use trivets for your hot pots, pans, and coasters for your coffee and other beverages.

Avoid Too Much Applied Pressure

Sudden extreme pressure will cause chips on your benchtops and cracks and breakage. Don’t compromise the quality of your culinary surfaces; be mindful of the force you’ll use when preparing and cooking meals.

You can also use the right kitchen tools to prevent applying direct force on your kitchen benchtops, especially if you are chopping big chunks of meat or preparing meals for a bigger group of people.

For Stone Benchtop Materials, Contact Stone Interiors

Opting for stone benchtops is a great option, especially if you want an increase in your kitchen’s look, appeal, and functionality. Stone materials are also easy to maintain, install, and repair. It is easy to look for DIY methods on how to fix stone benchtop chips.

For stone benchtop materials and installation, you can contact Stone Interiors. We have a wide array of high-quality stones for your kitchen. Get in touch with us by calling (03) 9357 0096 today.