9 Things to Consider When Choosing Kitchen Colour Schemes

woman and man in modern kitchen schemes

Imagine choosing a colour palette from various kitchen colour schemes. With the multiple options, picking one to use to transform your kitchen would be challenging, even if you already have kitchen colour ideas in mind.

When selecting a colour scheme for your kitchen, you must consider various factors to ensure beauty and harmony within your space and encourage productivity and efficiency. When choosing a new kitchen colour combination, watch out for and evaluate these aspects.

1. Visualise Your Dream Kitchen

Envisioning what your kitchen will look like after its construction or remodelling gives you an idea of which colours best fit the area. It also allows you to create a harmonious and inviting space for meal preparations and family gatherings.

Getting a snapshot of your kitchen helps you anticipate what colour combinations and tones complement your existing surfaces, furniture, and appliances. This process also allows you to design your kitchen to match your lifestyle and personality and enhance its overall functionality.

2. Look for Colour SuggestionsPerson Giving Colour Suggestions for Kitchen

Your personal colour preferences can be a mismatch with your current home aesthetics. Consider asking for colour suggestions from your connection’s creative insights.

Searching for kitchen colour ideas and trends can also help you curate and personalise a palette that suits your home design, ensuring harmony in your living space.

Consulting with design professionals also gives you expert advice and knowledge on which colour palettes best suit your style and what adjustments you can make to your space to incorporate your preferred hues.

3. Evaluate Your Cabinet Colour

The initial factor to consider when selecting a kitchen colour scheme is your cabinets and cupboards. These fixtures typically occupy about 50% of your space’s visual area.

Using these furniture items as one of the bases of your kitchen colour palette allows you to mix and match various tones and textures as you move forward with your kitchen renovation plan.

Simply look at your cabinets, examine their colours and texture, and determine whether they fit your design preferences. And, if they aren’t up to your taste, you can make colour adjustments or change your existing cabinets to achieve your desired aesthetics.

4. Decide on Your Kitchen Appliances

Among the things that will give your kitchen more life are the tools and appliances. These gadgets and equipment can also significantly impact the harmony of your space.

You must carefully choose the colour, design, and specifications of these kitchen appliances to match your style. To achieve a modern white kitchen, you should ensure that your kitchen tools are in various shades of white and that your other design elements are in different gradients of neutral white tones to complement your room design.

5. Choose A Benchtop Material

Kitchen benchtops come in a wide variety. Natural stones, engineered stones, laminates, porcelains, and other materials provide various colour options, making it challenging to select one.

When selecting a kitchen benchtop, eliminate the items that don’t fit your budget and personal taste and consider the type and colour of the material used on your existing surfaces. This step lets you decide which countertop material and colour options best fit your kitchen style.

6. Pick Your Preferred FlooringTwo People Choosing a Floor for Kitchen

Selecting a flooring material is also essential when deciding on a kitchen colour scheme. It would be best to match the tones of your floor to the existing kitchen style and the design of its adjoining rooms.

Whether you choose a stone or laminate material, the basic rule of thumb when deciding on a colour palette is to select the second most dominant colour in the room. The hue can contrast your kitchen elements, such as light kitchen cabinets and dark flooring colours, but still complements its entire design.

7. Mix and Match Your Wall Paint

While your kitchen walls are the most expansive surfaces in the room, they are often the forgotten elements when selecting the overall kitchen colour palette.

These surfaces are often covered by backsplashes, counters, shelves, and cupboards, which make them unnoticeable. But they are still crucial spaces that require an excellent makeover.

Play with colours by mixing and matching paint that harmonises with your kitchen surfaces and fixtures. You can choose neutral and earthy colours to match whatever aesthetic you desire.

You can also go beyond your comfort zone and go bold by painting vibrant and striking colours that complement the subtle palette of your other kitchen elements.

8. Check Your Current Lighting

The current lighting of your kitchen impacts the vibrancy and appearance of your chosen colours. Both natural and artificial lighting can emit different tones on various surfaces, changing the perception and mood of your selected hues.

Examine how much natural light passes through your windows and how it matches the light that your lighting fixtures cast.

If your kitchen is dim even with daylight, you must select lighter tones, while you should go for darker colour palettes if your space gets too much sunlight to create and maintain balance.

9. Update Your Kitchen Backsplash

Your old kitchen backsplash can become an eye sore once you remodel your kitchen using your new palette. But you can update your existing backsplash to have a stunning accent wall that perfectly matches your kitchen’s colours and other design elements.

Invest in revamping your backsplash and select an excellent material with a colour that complements the current tones of your surfaces and fixtures.

If your kitchen cabinets and appliances have vibrant and bold colours, your backsplash should be in neutral tones or the less striking gradient of your chosen hues.

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