Best Materials for Your Outdoor Kitchen Bench

Sometimes your desired outdoor benchtop material doesn’t come to mind during the planning stage for your outdoor kitchen. Choosing the best design that suits your taste is not easy. But picking the suitable material that can withstand the unpredictable weather and maintain the beauty of your outdoor kitchen bench is even more complicated.

You have to consider the importance of this material because it’s the missing piece to complete your kitchen. There are many premium-grade materials suitable for outdoor benchtops, and each has different qualities that may or may not be perfect for your preferred design. And you have to consider various things aside from aesthetics, such as durability, versatility, functionality, affordability, etc.

Choosing the right material becomes pretty overwhelming, given that you don’t have a broad knowledge in this aspect. But don’t worry because in this blog, we’ll help you get ideas on what benchtop material is best for your outdoor kitchen.

Top Materials for your Outdoor Kitchen Benchtop


Quartzite is different from engineered stone quartz, and it’s a natural stone that makes one of the most durable benchtop materials on the market. While outdoor kitchens are prone to natural wear and tear as they are exposed to the heat of the sun and other natural factors, quartzite is heat-, scratch-, and stain-resistant.

It has a beautiful texture, designs, and colours that will surely match your aesthetics. Quartzite can elevate your outdoor kitchen by adding personality and beauty to the place. Apart from that, it can also withstand abrasion, chemicals, fire, etc. However, the material and installation are pretty expensive compared to others.

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If you want to go for a more attractive and classier outdoor kitchen design, marble is your material. It’s among the natural stones famous for counters and benchtops, and it’s durable, exquisite, and long-lasting. Marble can resist scratching, cracking, and breaking. However, it’s not indestructible and will require extra care than other stones.

While marble gives off a luxurious and sophisticated finish, it’s more expensive than other materials. An installed marble benchtop is priced around $100 per square foot, while granite is roughly $75 per square foot. Marbles also need extra care by applying the sealant to maintain their consistent shine. So, you have to consider the price point and the maintenance.

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In contrast to natural stones, quartz is an engineered stone made of combined ground quartz, resins, and other components. It has a wide selection of designs, colours, and patterns. It can give your kitchen an exquisite contemporary vibe. While it is not a 100% natural stone, its durability, functionality, and appearance are guaranteed. They are also easy to maintain by cleaning them using non-abrasive cleaners or with soapy water.

Quartz may have a cheaper material and installation cost than other stones, but it can be prone to fading when used outdoors. The resin particles can turn yellow due to the natural sunlight and weather changes. So, you have to allocate extra care and maintenance if you prefer this material.

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If you want a bold and beautiful outdoor kitchen bench that catches the attention of many, then you should opt for granite. This natural stone has a collection of colourful and stylish designs, creating a great impression on every family member and visitor. They are firm and durable and can resist heat, stains, scratches, etc.

Most granite comes in thin slabs with an excellent finish. However, they can be prone to bacteria and mould build-ups if poorly sealed because they are not non-porous. Regardless of its great qualities, every material always needs proper care to last long and get good returns on investment.

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If you are looking for a versatile and high-quality material for your kitchen benchtop, porcelain is one of the top options. It can withstand staining, scratching, and other damage caused by daily household tasks. Porcelain has low porosity and high density, resulting in a firm, durable surface.

Porcelain is suitable not only for the outdoor kitchen but also for indoor benchtops. Moreover, it has many colours, patterns, sizes, and thicknesses. You can also customise the finish of your porcelain benchtops because it can copy the looks of marble, rusted steel, wood grain, and other finishes. It is also eco-friendly because it’s made from raw and clay-based materials. So, you can easily recycle it if you want to renovate your outdoor kitchen in the future.

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How to Choose the Best Material for Your Outdoor Kitchen Bench

Outdoor Kitchen Benchtop

Many beautiful and cost-efficient outdoor benchtop materials suit whatever design you want for your outdoor kitchen. But selecting the absolute best is one of the most complex decisions you will ever make. But cast your worries away and allow us to give you tips on choosing the best material.

Ask for recommendations

The suggestions from people you trust play a significant part in narrowing down your options on what material to use for your outdoor kitchen. You can hear about their experiences and insights, from the cost to the durability. And you can be upfront when asking whether the material is worth it or not.

While their recommendations are essential, searching for online reviews also helps. In that way, you can learn more about the best natural stone or engineered stone to use and the supplier to contact.

Check the pros and cons

It’s overwhelming to decide when you don’t have enough knowledge about it. That’s why extensive research is essential. While you learn about the features of each material, make sure to research their advantages and disadvantages. It’s a way to know the benefits and inconveniences you’ll experience, leading you to choose the perfect one that suits your needs.

Achieve Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen Bench with Stone Interiors

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