Stunning Island Benches for Your Kitchen

island benches for kitchen

Choosing which kitchen island trend to take inspiration from can be overwhelming because of the plethora of designs, colours, and materials out there. Homeowners usually desire a kitchen island that offers ample entertainment space and generous storage to accommodate the latest appliances. Choose bold shapes, materials, and design variations to fully materialise the potential of sought-after island benches for the kitchen.

The emergence of new kitchen brands and modern twists on traditional designs showcased in kitchen showrooms means you now have numerous innovative designs to choose from. Keeping that in mind, here are some island benches for kitchens that most designers and specialists prefer. This post aims to show that selecting a stunning new kitchen island need not be complicated.

Island Benches for Kitchen: Latest Trends

Stone Interiors is all about sharing new ideas with every homeowner who wants to have kitchen benches with personality without compromising functionality. Check the list below to discover trendy island benches for kitchens.

1. Rounded or Curve Island

Utilise the advantages of curved shapes to create a lively atmosphere at your party. The trend of curvy designs, popular in the 80s, has returned. Whether it’s a bold and voluptuous curve or a gentle round shape, incorporating fluidity into your kitchen can enhance its layout and make your room look more inviting. Curves can create a stunning visual effect in your kitchen by adding a striking design element or a subtle touch of shaping.

A circular kitchen island is handy when hosting guests, especially in kitchens with several entrances or exits. This type of island makes it easier for people to interact with each other and encourages seamless movement between areas. A rounded island can also accommodate a larger seating area, providing guests ample space to dine and converse while being comfortable.

2. The Bar

The current trend for family kitchens emphasises the importance of catering to various activities such as cooking, dining, socialising, and relaxing. That said, opting for an island design that accommodates the whole family’s needs is ideal.

Either on an island unit or peninsula, including a breakfast bar can significantly enhance the social aspect of your kitchen. By selecting comfortable and visually appealing bar stools, you can encourage guests to sit and socialise while keeping them out of the way of the cooking area.

Stools and Seating Arrangement

Regarding straight-line seating, three stools are considered the optimal number. However, if you require four chairs, consider placing them at one end of the island, creating a more sociable seating arrangement

When selecting counter stools, checking their dimensions and incorporating them into your kitchen design is crucial to ensure they fit perfectly with enough space to move around comfortably. Additionally, consider choosing high-backed upholstered stools that offer similar support to a dining chair. Pay attention to the height and number of seating options available.

3. Statement Island

Glamorous and elegant styles are making a comeback in kitchen design. Despite being a functional space, kitchens can still exhibit personality and style. It’s possible to incorporate modern materials and take risks with design without compromising practicality.

Choosing the right materials and colours can add a touch of glamour and style to your kitchen. So, feel free to experiment with different options to create a unique and stunning look.

The Waterfall Edge

A sought-after design element in kitchens is the “waterfall edge,” which extends the countertop seamlessly from horizontal to vertical. Using marble with prominent veining creates a particularly stunning effect, especially when you source a large enough slab that allows the veining to flow down to the floor. However, it’s crucial to consider how the flooring will complement the countertop. In most cases, a contrasting flooring option works best.

4. Dynamic Designs

Consider stepping outside the traditional rectangular design to create a truly unique kitchen island. Although it may seem bold, the visual impact can be significant.

For example, a kitchen island can be created to resemble a stunning piece of furniture. This unique shape not only reflects the owners’ adventurous personality but can also divide an open-plan room into separate zones.

5. Natural Meets Contemporary

As more people move towards sustainable kitchen design and natural materials, wood in kitchen joinery is becoming increasingly popular.

While painted joinery may seem like the easier option for cleaning, varnished natural wood offers a unique and artisanal look that can’t be matched. Wood has been used for making kitchen furniture for centuries, and its inherent beauty is unparalleled.

To create a genuinely one-of-a-kind island design, consider using naturally unique materials. Combining the natural fluidity of defined wood grain or heavily veined marble with modern cabinetry creates a striking contrast. The simple form of this furniture allows the beauty of nature to shine without any visual distractions.

Collaborate with Stone Interiors for a Kitchen That Speaks Style and Function

With certainty, kitchen designers will always have new ideas and trends to take inspiration from. There are many other trends and ideas apart from the ones on this list. While throwing in elements that appeal to you the most can be tempting, the design must maintain practicality. It should find the balance between appearance and ease of use.

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