Factors Affecting the Cost of Granite Benchtops

When it comes to choosing a countertop material for kitchens and bathrooms, homeowners usually opt for granite because of its aesthetic value and durability. If you find this material ideal to incorporate into your home, you should understand the factors that potentially affect the granite benchtop price.

In this article, we will discuss a few factors that influence the price of granite benchtops. We will also provide you with some tips to find the granite benchtop that suits your needs, preferences, and budget.

How Much Does a Granite Benchtop Cost?

Granite is a highly sought-after kitchen benchtop material for many homeowners. Putting in granite kitchen benchtops in Melbourne, however, comes at a significant cost. That’s why some homeowners are afraid to take the leap.

While granite is a high-end material, a few factors affect the granite benchtop price. With that said, the price ranges from $550 to a whopping $1700 per square metre, including stone benchtop installation.

What Influences the Granite Benchtop Price?

As mentioned above, certain factors affect the final cost of your favourite kitchen benchtop material. When you are looking to purchase it pays to know the basic factors that affect the price of granite countertops. In that way, you will have a better understanding of the options available to you. Also colours that are rare can impact the cost.


The Earth’s surface is covered with 80% granite. Because of this, there is a great variation of granite in terms of colours and patterns, depending on the source of the stone. Some colours and patterns are common, while others are very rare. So, the rarity of the stone affects the price of the granite.

Granite suppliers in Melbourne features their materials into grades or levels. The Level 1 classification of granite is composed of common colours and simple patterns which have the lowest prices. Level 2 class has more complex patterns and colour combinations. Level 3 class has rare or exotic colours (e.g., red and blue) and intricate patterns.

Keep in mind that granite classification does not refer to its quality or durability. It only considers the relative availability of the granite slabs. For instance, a particular granite slab classified as Level 1 may be as durable as a granite slab with a Level 3 classification. So, when you choose from Levels 1 and 2, you do not need to worry about the integrity of your kitchen benchtop.


Granite benchtops are available in natural and rare colours. Granite with natural colours such as beige, brown, and green are easily available and typically cost less. Conversely, granite with rare colours like blue, red, and purple tend to be more costly, especially when they are imported from another country.

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Granite comes from quarries located around the world. This means the location where the granite comes from will be a factor on the granite benchtop price. It costs more to purchase granite from a far country than from a near one. More than that, shipping granite from point A to B will definitely add to the final cost.


Just like the colours of granite, its sizes vary. The average length is 3 meters and the average width is 180cm It is important to take note that you pay for kitchen countertops per square metre. So, the actual slab size of granite will not affect the final price that much.

What affects the price of granite is the thickness. Thicker slabs are more costly and durable than thinner ones. Even if you get an exotic granite, you will be able to grab it at the same price as common granite by simply picking a thinner slab.


Granite is usually associated with long slabs of stone as they are the most desirable cut for kitchen countertops. But producers also cut granite into modules and tiles to utilise odd-sized blocks and remnants. Long slabs look better than modules and tiles. The former also requires fewer seams than the latter, which presents a smoother, sleeker look.


In most instances, labour plays a big part in determining the final price of your granite countertop. Labour covers the cost of fabrication and installation of your granite slabs. Plenty of granite suppliers will offer you just the slabs. This gives you the option to cut and install it yourself or hire a service to complete the job.

What’s Next?

Many factors come into play when identifying the granite benchtop price, which means the price is not static. By knowing and understanding your options, you can control many factors that affect the price. Your choice of countertop supplier and installer can also play a part in this. A reputable supplier will offer you the best possible deal without compromising the quality of the material or labour.

Is It Time to Decide on the Right Kitchen Benchtop for Your Kitchen?

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