Curved Island Bench and Other Ways to Give Character to Your Kitchen

Like other parts of the house, the kitchen is somehow a reflection of yourself. While the curved island bench, cabinets, appliances, and flooring are enough for cooking and eating, customising them can give them more character.

Investing in a personalised kitchen layout enhances functionality and encourages productivity. And in this blog, allow us to give you some great ideas on how to give character to your kitchen.

1. Add a Curved Island Bench

Sometimes, the kitchen becomes too crowded, and a kitchen island can ease the foot traffic. It gives people more areas for people to access. Best of all, you can have a more expansive counter space to do things efficiently.

And a curved island bench made of stone is among the most popular designs to achieve that. You can either choose natural or engineered stones as your benchtop material. While the two have different qualities and price points, they have things in common, such as being durable, versatile, low-maintenance, affordable, etc.

Moreover, this particular island bench design provides a bigger dining place for people. Its unique curves don’t only showcase an excellent architectural aspect but also offer unlimited design options for homeowners.

Curved Island Bench Ideas

Designed for maximum impact in the meeting point of the home, kitchen islands are fast becoming a multipurpose design feature. Here are some curved kitchen island bench ideas to check out before making your decision.

2. Mix and match the colours

Kitchens often come in neutral colours, such as white, grey, and black. These colours create a sleek contemporary look. But you can get creative and choose a different colour palette depending on your preferences.

The colours of your kitchen play an essential part in personalisation. Many combinations fit your preferred theme, but nothing tops the look of your favourite colours. Seeing your kitchen in those hues encourages you to prepare meals and dine in the room.

While choosing colours is complicated, don’t be scared to try different and unique combinations. If you want to mix bold and soft hues, there are many colour inspiration boards that you can find on the internet to set as your guide. But you should also ensure that your chosen colour scheme complements the current interior.

3. Combine modern and traditional designs

Traditional kitchen design never goes out of style. While modern and contemporary layouts are popular today, many households still patronise classic wood and metallic kitchen layouts. According to Vogue, Google searches for metallic kitchens skyrocketed to 51% for the year 2022.

With the growing popularity of both designs, why not try to incorporate their different elements? You can still achieve a beautiful layout with the said combination. You can use steel, stones, and wood to elevate your kitchen. And you can add vintage décor and modern cookware to keep the motif.

While the elements contrast, you can still find a cozy and comfortable atmosphere while doing your tasks in the kitchen. So, think creatively and do not be intimidated by the contrast.

4. Be careful with the lighting

Lithostone Engineered Stone

The lights in your kitchen play an essential role in improving the appearance and atmosphere of the room. The kind of lights and the methods of installation are necessary because they can significantly change the whole vibe of the kitchen.

It is more than just keeping a bright and warm kitchen for cooking and eating. Instead, it all boils down to functionality without compromising the aesthetics. And do not overlook the tiny details, such as angles, because they can also create a big difference.

So, don’t be afraid to use your creativity in decorative lighting. You can still choose the prettiest pieces and install them at different levels for efficient lighting that allows you to prepare meals and set a cosy atmosphere.

5. Install floating shelves

Floating shelves are the answer to flaunting your beautifully painted walls while still having enough space to store your mason jars, spices, and other kitchen essentials. They are practical and convenient, especially if you want to balance the aesthetic and functionality in your kitchen.

Floating shelves don’t take up too much space compared to cupboards, which is perfect for contemporary kitchens and small rooms. It’s also cheaper than cabinets because it doesn’t require a lot of materials and is easier to install. Best of all, you can match the design to your countertops and add wall decor.

Why Personalise Your Kitchen?

The kitchen is where the magic of food preparation happens. And where there is food, there are people, happiness, love, and communication. From your beautiful, curved island bench to your fantastic lights, the kitchen sure does have a different ambience and vibe than other areas of your home.

So, what could be the reasons to invest in personalising your kitchen? Read on to learn more.

Increase efficiency and productivity

A newly customised kitchen generates efficiency and productivity. The design and atmosphere showcase familiarity and comfort to the members of the house. Hence, they get more at ease in preparing meals, eating, and cleaning up.

The elevated look and functions of the room encourage individuals to work and get the job done. Working in a brand-new environment with enhanced features and details sparks interest in people to try and enjoy the space. And everyone becomes more comfortable doing other tasks in the kitchen aside from meal preparation because of its new look and ambience.

Ensure quality and safety

Meal preparation is done in the kitchen. So, hygiene and sanitation must be observed to avoid food contamination. That’s why you can guarantee safety and quality in a customised kitchen. You can monitor and check the materials, such as the stone kitchen benchtops, two-handle mixer taps, etc.

With every material inspected and quality-checked during the renovation process, you can cook the family-favourite meal without worries and do other tasks in the kitchen comfortably. Best of all, buying high-quality materials saves you more resources because of their durability, versatility, and low-maintenance factors.

Personalise Your Kitchen with Us

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