10 Must-Haves for a Luxury Kitchen

It is essential to think big when it comes to your luxury kitchen design. After all, you will not always get what you want in a project, but you can set the bar high to get a successful result. But you can have it all (and more) in your ideal kitchen.

In this article, we have compiled 10 must-have design features for a dream luxury kitchen. Some are lavish, while others are simply functional, and all are worth considering as designer touches for your next kitchen renovation, even if it’s just in your dreams right now.

1. Quartz Kitchen Benchtop

Quartz Kitchen Benchtop

Quartz is a designer’s dream material for various reasons. The material is made of real stone, so it has the same natural appeal as materials like granite or marble. However, it is formulated and produced in such a way that it is solid, nonporous, and colour-customisable, allowing for a wide range of looks with good colour predictability.

This elegance and sturdiness do not come cheaply. Although the price varies depending on the composition and manufacturer, it is usually more costly than stone or complete synthetics.

2. Made-to-Order Cabinetry

Made-to-Order Cabinet

Of course, those engineered stone benchtops will need something to rest on, so you can throw in some stylish custom cabinetry as well.

There are two advantages of using true custom cabinets over stock cabinets. One is that they can be designed in various ways. For starters, custom cabinets can be precisely fitted to your kitchen, taking advantage of corners, spaces between windows, and any height or length of the wall.

Second, custom cabinets can give your kitchen looks that stock cabinets cannot. This is true when you combine them with other elements like a banquette seat or a kitchen island. You may consider this design if you are going for the common transitional style, which calls for cabinets to be seamless but not ultra-minimalist.

3. A Counter-Depth Refrigerator

Counter-Depth Refrigerator

It would be a shame to ruin the lines of your cabinetry with a bulky refrigerator if you have gone to the trouble of having sharply tailored cabinetry.

For a flush look, counter-depth refrigerators follow the line of a standard 24-inch-deep counter, but be aware that some models marketed as “counter depth” still protrude a little past a typical counter when mounted. Check the exact measurements of a model you are thinking of buying, and compare notes with your installer to make sure the lines are going to line up perfectly.

4. A Large Sink

Large Sink

While a refrigerator can be excessively large at times, the same cannot be said for a kitchen sink. Sinks are typically 8 inches deep, but a sink that is 10 inches deep or more (wide one) provides luxurious ease of use.

It is very convenient to be able to fit a big pot completely inside the sink for filling or cleaning. Plus, if you ever leave anything in the sink to clean later (on top of a perfectly fitted metal sink grate, of course), it will not be visible in your seemingly bottomless sink.

Even in tighter sinks, such as those at a bar, prep counter, or butler’s pantry, a little extra depth will help prevent splashback when rinsing vegetables or pouring out liquid.

5. Touch-Sensitive Faucets

Touch-Sensitive Faucets

You can add a touch-activated faucet to this sharp, deep sink to make it even easier to use. These smart home gadgets are not just for minimalist techies. They are available in many different types to complement both conventional and transitional kitchens.

There is a sensor inside the stylish faucet that triggers it just like a tap, so you can switch on the water even if your hands are full.

You will be glad you can turn on the faucet with just a tap from your elbow the next time you’re making dough (or just making a mess) and need to rinse off.

6. Dishwashers with Drawers

Dishwashers with Drawers

A drawer dishwasher not only looks good, but it also has modern smart features. It is a waste of water to run a full-sized dishwasher when it is just half full. But a machine like this will wash each half separately, allowing more versatility in terms of the size of the load to be washed.

Moreover, you can keep one drawer going while filling the other, allowing you to clean your most used items now while the other parts accumulate over time. With this excellent feature in your luxury kitchen, you will no longer have to wait an entire day to wash the dishes.

7. Hidden Range Hood

Hidden Range Hood

While you may be tempted to add a bold, show-stopper range hood in your ideal kitchen, choose the one that blends into your custom cabinets. You should realise that there is no middle ground. The best range hoods either demand attention or quietly recede, allowing other features to speak for themselves.

8. Oven with Steam-Convection

Oven with Steam-Convection

Do you want to improve your cooking skills? Convection ovens improve the efficiency of a standard oven by circulating hot air inside to cook food more evenly, making them a modern kitchen necessity. Newer technology, such as steam-convection hybrid ovens, takes the idea a step further, resulting in improved texture and nutrition.

Foods cooked in steam hold more moisture—and therefore more vitamins—than foods baked or boiled in water. A steam-convection oven is thus not only a part of any dream kitchen but also a move toward healthy eating.

9. Deep Drawers

This luxury kitchen design is not anything new, but that does not stop it from making an appearance in your ideal kitchen. Using deep drawers instead of lower cabinets allows you to reach anything from a big pot to stacks of dinnerware with ease.

Drawer divider systems will further increase organisation by dividing the interior into perfectly sized compartments, ensuring that everything has its place. They can also be changed later if circumstances change.

Deep drawers are also a cost-effective luxury kitchen renovation improvement since many companies sell deeper drawer units for the same price as a three-drawer model.

10. Granite Kitchen Benchtop

Granite countertops are the most sought-after feature of any modern luxury kitchen. This is true whether in a private home or apartment, a retail store break room, a doctor’s office, or any of the suites and other luxury-style rooms found in luxurious hotels.

When your kitchen features new granite countertops, your home will be a more inviting place for both family members and welcomed visitors. Granite countertops can transform your family’s kitchen from dull to fun without sacrificing any of the room’s original functionality. New granite counters will make it even more practical than before.

Granite countertops may be the costliest line item in your kitchen renovation budget, but when you know that they will outlast most other products in your family’s home, you will see that they are more of an investment than a buy.

Key Takeaways

There you have the 10 luxury kitchen designs that you should consider when thinking about upgrading your kitchen. If you like stone kitchen benchtops, we hear you! Head to our website to find more kitchen benchtops in Melbourne. As such, you can decide which one can better complement your family’s luxury kitchen renovation project.