Compac Surfaces

Get captivated by the exceptional beauty and remarkable resistance of Compac Surfaces. Compac or technological quartz is a top-graded stone surface material with notable qualities ideal for worktops and other surfaces.

Genesis Range

Obsidiana Range

Unique Range

Longevity and Versatility Guaranteed

Indulge in the innovative and versatile stone material that is 93%-95% made of natural quartz and other added substances — such as resin and pigments used in engineered stone benchtop materials.

Compac Quartz

Compac Surfaces possess intense resistance to stains and scratches, high porosity, and extreme versatility, ensuring the longevity of your functional worktops even amidst intensive use. It is also low maintenance, so there’s no need for heavy cleaning to maintain a clean and hygienic space.

Whichever kitchen and room theme you want to achieve, Compac Surfaces has a broad range of colours, patterns, designs, and sizes to choose from. We have a wide array of neutral tones with striking and subtle patterns and textures that can fit every space, enhancing its aesthetics and functionality.

Achieve a Stunning and Efficient Space

With the exceptional qualities of Compac quartz, you can bring your kitchen design to life and make your space more attractive and efficient to work on. Take advantage of its premium properties and characteristics to enhance your surfaces’ look, feel, and functionality.

For Compac Surfaces Installation, Contact Stone Interiors

Whether you want to install Compac Surfaces on your kitchen countertop or splashback, you can turn to Stone Interiors. We offer a wide array of Compac quartz materials and have a team of professionals to help you install your new stone kitchen benchtop and other surfaces.

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