Blue Pearl GT

Blue Pearl GT is a Norwegian granite that showcases elegance with its white spots washing over its blue and black colours. Blue Pearl GT has an outstanding polished finish making it the perfect granite benchtop material for the kitchen, bathroom, outdoor, and indoor surfaces.

Since natural stone like granite is formed by nature, each slab of blue pearl GT granite may have variations in colors and patterns. Blue pearl stone can add charm and elegance to any living space. Blue pearl GT Worktop is free of chemicals and can withstand extreme hot and cold weather conditions. Blue pearl GT granite countertops are highly sought after for their resistance to acidic liquids and low water absorption capacity, which makes them resistant to stains. The polished finish of the stone gives a sophisticated look to any space, and it is easy to maintain with a simple and low-cost maintenance routine.

Product Description

SURFACE Natural Stone
COLOUR Black, Brown
APPLICATIONS Kitchens, Bathrooms, Floors, Walls, BBQ Areas, Outdoor and Indoor
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