How to Care and Clean Marble Tiles in Melbourne

Marble Tiles in Melbourne

Marble tile is one of the most popular benchtops and flooring options. It has many excellent features and qualities, which explains why various residential and commercial spaces use marble tiles in Melbourne. While marble tiles are functional and efficient, they still need proper care and maintenance to keep their condition.

Cleaning marble can be a little challenging because it can easily get damaged when not done right. It would be best if you won’t let the dirt tamper with its shiny exterior and beautiful design. So, we have created a guide to help you better care for your elegant surfaces. But first, let us get a better grasp on the nature of marble. Read on to learn more.

What are Marble Tiles?

Marble tiles are famous for their outstanding quality, fantastic gloss, and unique nature. They are primarily made when limestone undergoes metamorphic crystallization, transforming calcium carbonate into calcite crystals.

The marble is then cut into different sizes and moulded using special machinery to achieve a smooth surface. After the marble extraction process, the marble tiles are ready to use. Many natural marble suppliers in Australia and around the world distribute this popular flooring material.

Tips on Cleaning and Maintaining Marble Tiles

Marble is known for the elegance that it brings to every property. Its attractive colours and veined patterns can uplift the look of the whole space. But its excellent features can quickly get blemished by dirt. That is why careful and regular cleaning is necessary for marble surfaces since they are porous and delicate.

So, we have listed the essential tips for tidying up your surfaces of marble tiles properly.

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Use flared broom to remove dust and debris

For daily cleaning and maintenance, sweep your surfaces using a flared broom, swiftly removing the dust and clutter on your precious marble tiles. But why should you use a broom when you can use your vacuum?

Marble tiles are vulnerable to scratch and stains, and the wheels, roller, and other vacuum cleaner parts can damage the marbled floor. So, to keep your marble surfaces clean and in pristine condition, use a flared broom because the bristles are softer than the unflared ones.

Clean the surface using a dry mop

Sweeping does not guarantee the removal of dust and other micro-dirt, and it is more efficient to use a dry mop to remove the dirt, dust, and debris that were kicked up during sweeping and settled back on the surface.

And it’s best to dry mop your glossy floors instead of wet mopping them since marble tiles are known for their porous quality. It can absorb the water or the cleaning agent, leading to discolouration. So, stick to dry mopping the surface. And for benchtops made of marble, you can wipe them using a clean and dry microfiber cloth.

marble tiles supplierUse a mild cleaning agent

If the stubborn dirt won’t leave the surface after sweeping and mopping, it’s time to wash your marble tiles. To protect your expensive flooring, use a mild cleaning agent, preferably those pH-neutral soaps. You can complete your solution by mixing the soap with distilled water because it has almost zero impurities and minerals. So, you can avoid discolouration and stains on your perfectly glossy surface.

Apply your solution using microfiber spin mops for a more efficient cleaning using less water. Start from one corner with consistent short strokes until you reach the room’s other end. And don’t forget to wring the mop to keep the surface clean.

Rinse with water

After applying the cleaning solution using a spin mop, it’s time to rinse your marble surface. Get a bucket of cool water and mop the floor wet. This step helps remove the cleaning solution’s existing dirt and residue.

When the bucket gets muddy, pour them out and refill them with cleaner water. So there will be no debris that can stain and scratch the floor. And you can maintain a perfectly glossy marble surface. The same task applies when rinsing marble benchtops, but you must use a microfiber cloth instead of a mop.

Wipe with a clean cloth to dry the surface

Don’t let your marble tiles air dry because they can get stained, leaving blemishes on your beautiful surface. So, wipe your floor and benchtop with a soft, clean towel, and make sure to wipe the entire area thoroughly.

Seal the tiles if necessary

Sealing is one of the best methods to preserve your marble floors. While marble is an ideal countertop material for its durability and beauty, it also has vulnerabilities because it is soft and porous. If you want to protect your surfaces from discolouration and stains due to seeping water, you can apply your preferred sealer if necessary.

You can maintain its glossy finish and unique veined pattern because the sealer prevents the liquid from seeping through your tiles. Some sealers require re-application after three years, depending on your preferred variant.
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Are Marble Tiles Right for Me?

Every property owner wants the best material for their countertops and floors. And marble tiles seem one of the most popular and practical options. While it can be pretty expensive compared to other stones, you can get plenty of benefits when you opt for marbles. These perks include a high-end natural finish, low-maintenance, heat-resistant, durable, and versatile.

You can easily customise your surfaces because they have a wide array of sizes, colours, and patterns. And, like other stones, marble tiles are easy to install too. So, if you want to achieve and maintain an elegant space without too much effort, you can rely on marble tiles.

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